Working but Not Because Of Full Sail

by Curtis
(Won't Say)

I graduated Full Sail in '02 with honors. I am a very dedicated, intelligent, driven student.

I couldn't find a job in the audio industry to save my life. I don't blame them; I blame myself for being so stupid.

They are smart business men who run... a successful profitable business. My education didn't mean shit in LA.

I worked at Souplantation in the bakery before I found a PA gig. Now I edit commercials. I got lucky. My education had nothing to do with it.

I wish I could put my $600 per month "college" loan to something useful ... I went to Full Sail and all I got was this crumby watch.


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Welcome, my Friend.

Your logic does not add up. Would you have gotten that job without a degree from Full Sail University?

I just don't see how you could have stood out from the other applicants without that degree from Full Sail.

But you sound like a logical, intelligent guy. Logical and smart people always have a good reason and that is what makes me so curious.

Why would you go out of your way to make sure that Full Sail University should not deserve any credit for your success?

Many of these schools survive on their reputation for finding work opportunities for their graduates. That makes you a working graduate of Full Sail University.

I know the student loan is a drag. Yet I don't see graduates taking advantage of the huge fat loopholes like loan deferrals.

If you can show any hardship because of your loan payments then you could apply for a deferral that could see you avoiding any loan payments for years.

By law, the loan agency is required to lower your payments or even suspend them depending on how well you present your case.

Any deferment would be Interest free, of course. That is the beauty of a student loan over a traditional, collateral for cash type of loan.

I hope you can focus on your goal and get there someday. Maybe Full Sail doesn't deserve any of the credit because I know that Persistence and Hard Work are 99% of the equation.

They are the 2 most important (even essential) traits for finding work and success in the world of film / audio production etc. I agree that they are mostly the reason you got work.

The only problem is that you are now a working (And soon Successful) Editor of Commercials. You will always be asked the same questions.

The answer to one of those questions will always be "I went to Full Sail University".

I'll just close by saying, Congratulations. I'm just happy for your success regardless of where you went to school.


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