Why People Say That Full Sail is a Scam

by Matt Crescenzi
(Winter Park, Florida)

Hi, I am currently enrolled at Full Sail University and majoring in a Recording Arts degree. I do not understand why people say that Full Sail is a scam. I have been attending classes since March 28, 2011 and being at this school has taught me so much about the industry and the art of recording.

I honestly feel that the people say that Full Sail University is a scam because, they were the students who sat in the back of the class, on Facebook during lecture and simply not taking Full Sail seriously. This school has and holds a very high reputation among industry professionals and as well as leading industry corporations.

If you are looking to attend a great school, even though Full Sail is expensive it is well worth it. This school is not going to make you famous and rich. That part of your "career building" and working your way from the bottom to the top. That also is another reason why I believe students and other people say that Full Sail is a scam.

I hope that this changes the minds of some people about Full Sail.


Reply from TheBestFilmSchools.com

Regardless of whether people beleive that Full Sail is a scam or not, you'll do just fine, Matt. There are posatives and negatives to any school experience and you are looking only to the posatives. That is the kind of attitude that will ensure your success.

If you spend enough time looking at the harshest critics of Full Sail you will find that most either dropped out early or just failed because they did not do the work. There are surely some cases that have legitimate claims but they are a small minority in comparison.

The problem is that many people (And their choices) are affected by the sheer volume of negative chatter about Full Sail University found on the internet. It's just human nature for people to become concerned when they see that much bad press and I don't blame them for questioning the merit of the school.

I think the lack of entry requirements to attend Full Sail is hurting their reputation ... but fattening their pocket books. They had better decide on a better PR campaign in the near future or simply tighten their entry requirements going forward.

Anyone and everyone can attend Full Sail University ... as long as you can pay for it. Full Sail is guilty of seducing the dreamers and many people place the blame on the school for this. I hope the dreamers read this and realize that Full Sail is not a ticket to fame, operates as any business does, and can't be held responsible for what a student does or does not accomplish after they graduate.

The most diligent, hard-working students do just fine with a Full Sail educational background.

It is good to hear from people actually attending classes at Full Sail. Thanks for your contribution.


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