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Sep 14, 2012
Check Back with Me in a Year
by: Anonymous

Ah, Full Sail.... full of hopes, dreams, and crap. I'm sorry, but as someone who has not even graduated from school yet, you truly know nothing about the real Full Sail scam.

I graduated from Full Sail in 2005 with 2 degrees, Recording Arts and Engineering and Entertainment Business. I didn't sit in the back of my class on Facebook. Quite the contrary, I graduated top of my class.

The "Real World" story doesn't begin until after graduation... Upon graduation I moved to LA to pursue a career in music. Full Sail did not help me find a "job" although they did offer multiple "unpaid internships" which were for school credit. School credit after I've graduated? How does that help me live or survive? 6 months later, 140,000 dollars of private student loans kicked in. The payment each month? 735.00 before rent or food or reasonably living expenses.

Let me be clear, I am a Full Sail success story. I scored my first nationally released feature length film before I even attended Full Sail and since have worked as a composer/producer as well as the owner of a commercial music house in LA.

My point is this: FULL SAIL DID NOT DO THESE THINGS, I DID. Full Sail left me out in the cold with massive student loan debt and no "real" job, so I hit the streets and busted my butt until I made it myself. And what do they do now? Feature me on the website as a "success story." They use my name and likeness to boost their success stories when they had nothing to do with it other than teaching me signal flow and pro tools. Little known fact, when you sign up for school, you sign an agreement in the paperwork's fine print which states they can use your name and likeness if they want to.

This is a flat out misrepresentation of the services and placement programs they offer. That's why I think Full Sail sucks.

My classes were fine. I busted my butt and learned a lot. Seriously though, come back in 6 months when your loans kick in and you don't have a job, but instead an internship (that's if you can afford to move to a big city that's actually part of the entertainment industry upon graduation.) You're not fully informed.

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