Why I Enrolled at Full Sail

I got a Mac Book Pro with tuition! Seriously, this is not rocket science and if you can't figure it out then maybe you should take a practice GED before applying for continued education. If you want to transfer to another school in the future then go to a state university.

A Full Sail degree is not for a pretty resume filler. It's real life stuff and if you suck at what you do now you will probably suck afterwards. After all, wherever you go...there you are. Some things can't be learned and neither Full Sail nor Harvard can offer success unless you are willing to apply what you learn. Determination comes from the heart, not an instructor or 3am labs.

I use my experience at Full Sail in my real life day to day work. I got a raise and promotion because I am using what I learned, not because my boss was impressed with a piece of paper. My boss is impressed with increased conversion, increased sales, and customer retention.

I went to Full Sail for business. It's true, Full Sail is a profitable business and they are very good at it. I am hard to convince and they convinced me, this is why I wanted to learn from them!


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Fair enough. I mostly deal with negative remarks so it is refreshing to hear someone with a more posative outlook.

Or maybe it is just that your expectations are more realistic. Some people actually believe that Full Sail owes them a career because they paid all the tuition fees on time. If anyone expects a guarantee of work from Full Sail then they are expecting too much.

This is a quote from another poster in a different part of the website;

"You expect to be given a highly competitive dream job and then blame Full Sail when it doesn't happen, without realizing that maybe you just lack the talent and / or drive to succeed. And then you want to sue Full Sail because you're a failure who couldn't make it (yeah I know, Full Sail 'promised' you'd get a job, blah blah blah)."

I'll leave it there.


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