What is a Film School's Value

by Charles
(Melborne, FL)

The issue is value.

FSU, UF and other state schools cost 2/3 or less with no hint of scam.

The fact that there are numerous blogs re: scam with private schools is an issue.

Why are these school being questioned and not UF in Gainesville?

Buyer beware.


Reply from TheBestFilmSchools.com

It is a complex business system that preys on the uninformed. That is what I think of the private school fiasco in the US.

I understand that you think it better money spent at FSU an UF and all but try getting past the entrance exams of those schools before making that statement.

Some 30% of 1,000s of applicants are accepted. That is where the private school steps in to fill a void. Just because you could not meet the entry requirements at FSU does not make you a bad filmmaker.

What should other people do? They pay the money and they go to a private school that accepts them.

This website is here because you need to steer the waters of Private schools carefully. It is shopping for the best product (Your Education) from a good company (The School).

We'll have most well-known Schools reviewed by the end of the year. Many don't accept my calls unless I say I am a prospective Student.

In the meantime, ask yourself this. "How is the film Industry doing in Gainsville?"

Choosing a school near where many jobs are awaiting is good sense. Going to school in an area that does not have as many jobs is suicide.

Quality can also be in the location of the school and the amount of available positions in the vicinity.


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