We were lied to by the President of Full Sail

by Dennis
(Syracuse, NY)

During the pitch to parents, the president of the school was careful to tell stories of graduates that didn't strike it rich, but were none the less happy with their lives. This made him seem like a straight shooter. He then went on to tell us all that representatives from Sallie Mae had visited the school, "just this week" because Full Sail had the highest rate of repayment of any school in the entire country! As a parent, that was the best thing I could ask to hear. Shame on me for buying his load of BS!!! I have yet to find anyone who would back him up on this and many times that I've asked I've had people at Sallie Mae burst out laughing and just give me a flat "no". I absolutely think we were scammed and unless I refinance my home, my son will never own a new car or a home of his own.

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