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Nov 27, 2015
Nobody ever asks the right questions b4 enrolling
by: Marty

So many kids get "star stuck" and awed by Full Sail and get distracted from asking the right questions and doing the proper research. Understanding a school's accreditation standards and what it truly means would save many parents the headache of enrolling their kids at Full Sail and then later discovering Full Sail's accreditation and dealing that it is far different from a 4 year degree accreditation from a traditional 4 year college or university.

All for profit schools bend the truth on many occasions. I teach at a 4 year accredited, for-profit university and we only offer information that makes us look and sound good.

Bottom line in my opinion is that Full Sail is a very expensive school and those that plan to enroll should damn near be an expert or very proficient in the program they choose before even reaching Full Sail. If you enroll at Full Sail with little to no prior knowledge of the program you plan to go into, you will certainly fall into the category of "disgruntled". And, you will probably never find a serious career in that field either.

My 16 yr old nephew wants to attend Full Sail and I gave him a quick quiz in media design to see how much he knew - he failed. I told my sister to not send him to Full Sail. He's not ready. You'll be in debt and he'll be jobless because he is just not gifted in the area of media design. I mean he's ok, but just ok won't nearly be enough. Plus, I don't think any of their credits will transfer to any college/university if you're looking to do that in the future.

Yes, I did the research prior to attending Full Sail and knew exactly what their accreditation was at the time. I might be a unique case as I targeted Full Sail based upon what my employer recommended I study at that time. I also asked my employer if they would accept Full Sails accreditation standards for their institution. They said yes (in writing from faculty senate) that Full Sail would be excepted to earn a Master of Science in Education Media Design and Technology.

You must know what questions to ask based on your own individual case and/or situation or you will be spending a whole lot of money for no true purpose.

Honestly, I still get amazed when people say Full Sail is a scam when in fact many kids of today just don't have what it takes from the start and then call the school a scam when that same untalented kid continues to demonstrate their lack of talent after attending Full Sail.

Nov 27, 2015

by: Philip

This could be true from some people's viewpoints.

Full Sail might have more students in deeper debt than any other school. So, dollar for dollar, students from Full Sail might very well pay back more than any other school.

It is my experience that Full Sail representatives do not outright lie. They bend the truth to sell seats in classrooms but never outright lie as could be proven in court.

When I look at this from your point of view I think "Scam" but when I look at it from the School's perspective, I say "Well done for filling a seat", which is their goal, after all.

This is another example of someone (You) not doing their homework/research and for some reason believing that a used car salesman will tell you anything other than what you want to hear.

You cannot trust anyone trying to sell you something to which they make a profit. Do your research people!!!!!!!!!!!!

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