Vancouver Film School Rocks

by Femi

I've been skimming through your website, and you guys don't seem to have any info about Sydney Film School, located in Australia.

It's pretty much the place I have my heart set on, mostly because I want to live in Australia for a while.

However, I am Canadian, so Vancouver Film School may be more convenient, and from the knowledge I've gathered about it from your page.

It kicks every other film schools ass.


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I could not say the Vancouver Film School Kicks everyone's butt because it isn't the best. But from a standpoint of jobs on location after you finish film school, it (Vancouver) is a good place to be.

Their healthy film industry naturally trickles into opportunity for grads of the VFS. That's why we like it so much.

The Sydney film school is a priority but there are so many schools in the USA and Canada alone that we will be busy having a look at them all.

Thank you for your post and good luck in your future.


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