Here are the 12 +1 Vancouver Film School Programs

The Vancouver film school programs of study are both comprehensive and extremely fast paced in order to fit them into a single year of study.

Welcome to Vancouver Film School
Welcome to The Vancouver Film School

The Vancouver Film School programs of study were developed by Industry Leaders and in many of the Classes, a Top Industry Panel will view and evaluate your final class projects before you graduate.

This Industry Panel of Top Executives also advises the Vancouver Film School (VFS) on what current skills are required, which ones are dying a slow death and which ones are up-and-coming in the most advanced fields within film production, cinematography and especially 3D animation.

With that knowledge the school shapes their course outlines to include what is most needed and perhaps not emphasize other areas as much (The dying ones).

That's the competitive advantage of completing one of the Vancouver Film School Programs of study. They offer their graduates over other students entering the ever evolving marketplace.

It is also only a 12 month course at the Vancouver Film School.

In only a single year of intensive film making courses, the VFS will give you an extremely comprehensive education in either the 2D animation program or the 3D animation program.

The method of teaching includes a balance of theoretical instruction with actual hands-on production that only a film school with a fully equipped studio can provide.

Get inside the school and have a look around the class rooms and at the facilities used in real-world, hands-on production. You'll understand why people on campus like to refer to the Vancouver Film School as "The Studio that Teaches"

You will have to create a body of work (Portfolio or Demo Reel) for each of the Vancouver Film school Programs you study. This will happen during your year at VFS and it will serve to showcase your abilities to people who can get you working.

This portfolio or demo reel is your baby because it will eventually be the centerpiece for why (Or why not) employers hire you. So make this thing a showcase of your creative and technical abilities while completing your Vancouver film school programs of study.

If you attend the Vancouver film School then your demo reel or Portfolio will get seen by the people who are interested in Hiring you.

You may already see a pattern to the Vancouver Film School Programs of Study. I think you may call it "Get You Hired!".

You'll be 'industry-ready' when you graduate from the Vancouver film school. Whether it is the 2D animation Program, the film making courses or even the 3d animation training, everything seems perfect.

Not everyone will consider a condensed program of study, like the Vancouver Film School Programs, a good thing.

You may have commitments outside of the school (like maybe a job or a family?). Some of the other schools we have and will cover on this Website offer you the choice of finishing at whatever pace you'd like.

The 13 Programs Available at the Vancouver Film School

Unlike the vast majority of post-secondary institutions, programs at VFS start every few months throughout the year, which means you can choose when it's best for you to begin your education.

  • 3D Animation & Visual Effects

This Program runs a full 12 months in duration and the tuition fee is $53,250CAD.

3D animation students will learn how to use computer animation techniques to design and create classical forms of storytelling. Art of creation meets computer.

Topics will include the study of motion, life drawing, composition, character design, sculpture, storyboarding, lighting, and art direction. All this will be used to culminate your compelling animation, modeling or visual effects demo reel.

Remember the demo reel? It is your best chance at making an impression. Shoot high and miss gets more attention than shoot mediocre and predictable.

Sounds good? Unfortunately, you can't just jump into this one of the Vancouver Film School programs without some previous experience with 3d animation.

To gain admittance and begin studies in 3D Animation & Visual Effects, some 3D experience is a requirement.

The only other way to meet the qualifications for entry to the 3D Animation & Visual Effects program is to have experience with Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. as well as drawing skills.

  • Classical Animation

This Program runs a full 12 months in duration and the tuition fee is $30,500CAD. You will learn the entire process for creation of Animation characters from start to finish. Again the final project will be expected. It is a good stepping stone into the world of 3 Dimensional Animation.

You will learn the essentials of Animation technique such as drawing, storyboarding, layout, background and character design.

  • Digital Character Animation

This Program runs 6 months in duration and the tuition fee is $25,500CAD

You need to be a pretty good classical animator before moving up to Digital Character Animation.

In this course, you'll take what you know in classical animation techniques and in digital operating environments and combine them into cinematic stories.

You'll have six months to develop a short film that will best showcase your abilities. Careers depend on that final project.

Upon completion you can expect to receive A Diploma in Digital Character Animation, Certification in Maya* software, A mastered demo reel of your final project and access to the VFS Alumni Directory and Job Board.

Also you'll get some experience with Pixar's Renderman software. No other Vancouver Film School programs offer that. It's a lot of experience on paper in just 6 months!

  • Acting for Film & Television

This Program runs a full 12 months in duration and the tuition fee is $30,500CAD

Acting students in the Vancouver Film School programs prepare for a professional acting career. You will learn in front of the camera where you will learn to be comfortable.

The Vancouver film school has its own full acting studio so you will be spending most of your time there.

You will have to learn how to interpret stories, refine the use of your voice and begin to see how powerful the art of using your body as a form of expression or "body language".

  • Acting Essentials

The Acting Essentials program runs 4 months in duration and the tuition fee is $10,500CAD.

You'll need to take this one of the Vancouver film school programs as a Mandatory pre-requisite if you are seeking enrolment in the School's Full Time Acting program.

Remember that this class in a foundation level so if you have a ton of experience you can often prove your way past this prerequisite if you have a significant body of work to show.

There are three main concepts that the instructor will try and instill in you. I recommend the foundation program to anyone because it also helps you see bad habits that you may have picked up along the way.

The concepts are:

  • Understanding of the benefits of a physical warm-up

  • Building your confidence as you study the core techniques of good performance

  • Be prepared for the camera, from your very first audition to the last take

  • Digital Design

This Program runs a full 12 months in duration and the tuition fee is $42,250CAD.

Digital Designers have the power to affect the way people see and interact with the world.

You'll learn to use typography, colour, composition, motion, interactivity, and sound to build a truly compelling user experience, whether its working on a feature film, music video or online sites that could change the way we think about and use the web.

The tools you'll use and work with are mainly Live Video, Flash, Animation and print. You'll also be schooled in any of the other essential tools that drive today's entertainment and media projects.

The Vancouver Film school is well equipped enough to properly teach you in both a scientific and interactive way about the processes, tools, and techniques you'll need to start your career as a professional designer.

  • Entertainment Business Management

This Program runs a full 12 months in duration and the tuition fee is $34,250 CAD. So, Yo Wanna be a suit? I guess you'll hear that a lot if the Entertainment Business Management course is your program of choice at the Vancouver Film School.

In Entertainment Business Management you'll learn about the business side of getting art - from Films to Television and Music - to the Marketplace where they can earn your clients some money and you a commission.

You will learn how to produce major projects, develop new ventures, and gain the know-how you'll need to negotiate in the best way to represent your clients well and bring your their work to market.

  • Film Production

This Program runs a full 12 months in duration and the tuition fee is $53,250CAD.

I guess you have to have big ambitions to take on the broad Film Production program. If you are considering it then please remember that you will not have as easy a time finding work upon graduation as your fellow Vancouver film school Alumni who graduated from different programs.

The film production program will teach you the disciplines of Directing, Producing, Cinematography, Art Direction, and Editing.

You'll get many opportunities to collaborate with other students while you work on dramatic and documentary film projects in both the studio and on location environments.

The scope of study in this program is so broad that the amount of time spent on each topic is merely skimming the surface. Little time is spent learning specialized skills for a single step in the Film Production business.

Graduates of this Vancouver film school program of study find that they know something about every step of the film making process and usually aspire to make and produce their own films.

  • Video Game Design

This Program runs a full 12 months in duration and the tuition fee is $49,250CAD.

In October of 2008, the Los Angeles Times called the Vancouver Film School's Game Design program one of the top 10 “favoured by video game industry recruiters".

You will have both Canadian and American companies actively recruiting you from this program if you show any potential at all. The great thing about video game deign is that you don't have to have a special knack for anything.

Good organizational and memory recall skills would help but with enough repetition, anyone can learn this. By no means is it an easy program to complete and it will require a lot of patience and hard work from you but it is doable.

This class is one of the most highly and widely respected of all the Vancouver Film School Programs. Expectations are high on the students because they expect you to be prepared to immediately contribute to any video game development team.

You'll do this by learning all aspects of game design, from visual storytelling, to level design principles, to the production process and ultimately have you creating playable games yourselves.

Demand for video game designers is growing so rapidly that even mediocre students are getting hired right out of school.

  • Makeup Design for Film and Television

This Program runs a full 12 months in duration and the tuition fee is $46,750CAD.

No, you don't have to be a girl or a gay male to have interest in the Vancouver Film School Programs of Makeup Design for Film and Television.

It takes a special creative skill to quickly sum up a person's strengths and weaknesses and then use your skills to either bring the strong features to the forefront or hide / mask the weaker features.

Topics include set etiquette, script breakdown, film terminology, a thorough study of glamour makeup, film and television makeup, as well as special effects makeup.

Topics covered in this course are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you'll need to enter onto a set and immediately contribute to the production.

  • Sound Design for Visual Media

This Program runs a full 12 months in duration and the tuition fee is $43,250CAD.

I believe that there are some things you just can't teach. If you've got an 'ear for music' then Sound Design For Visual Media might not be the best of the Vancouver Film School Programs for you. The Vancouver Film School's tuition fees are very high, especially for a class I call 'Risky' (No guarantee you'll have 'The Ear').

Your tasks in this class are to marry sound to image by using your acquired Producing, Editing, And Engineering skills. You'll create sound effects, music and ambient noises to match a feature film, animation and even video games.

Do you have 'The Ear'?

  • Writing for Film and Television

This Program runs a full 12 months in duration and the tuition fee is $28,250CAD

In this of the Vancouver Film School Programs, you'll learn what a screenwriter actually does in the film industry and how to become skilled at each task. You'll be responsible, as a student in this class, to write, workshop and collaborate on various storytelling formats.

They'll be teaching you how to write feature films and short film screenplays as well as scripts for TV in both 'Episode Format' and 'Pilot Format'. You'll even learn to write an effective sketch comedy and documentary.

Taking this of the Vancouver Film School Programs means that you'll find work quickly, especially in a Film Industry as large as the one in Vancouver. The production companies are constantly looking for new talent to either enrich a currently running medium or for a Pilot.

The problem is that a screenwriter position on any media format has a high turnover rate. It may be harder to keep your job and the lifespan of that job is traditionally very short.

  • Foundation Visual Art and Design

This Program runs a full 12 months in duration and the tuition fee is $30,500CAD

Foundation is one of the Vancouver Film School programs that offer a combination of the "Old School" traditional theories of arts education and training in modern visual media, such as film, animation, and digital technologies.

In this class / program you'll learn how to work with new mediums and grow into skilled artists readying yourself for other VFS production programs.

This is one of the Vancouver Film Schools Programs aptly named Foundation Study course because it is a prerequisite class that must be completed before moving on to one of the other "Core" Vancouver Film School Programs such as the "3D Animation & Visual Effects" program.

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