Vancouver Film School Accreditation

by Linda

How is the Vancouver Film School Accredited?


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Hi, Linda. Accreditation works differently in Canada than in the US.

Canada doesn't really have anything on par with 'National' Accreditation status in the US.

In Canada, all Public Community Colleges are accredited by their respective Provincial Government. For the Vancouver Film School, that's the Provincial Government of British Columbia, Canada.

In my experience, schools in the U.S. look favorably on the management system of Canada's art schools.

That doesn't mean you will be able to transfer credits earned in Canada to a Regionally Accredited University in the United States.

We wrote a few letters and many emails but no one even replied. Only CHEA replied and they were vague.

They stated that the credits would fall into the International Category and to transfer them would be at the discretion of the school you are applying to.


Best to choose a school in the country you intend to work in. The Vancouver Film School is quite good at placing their students ... in Canada.

Where there is a massive and growing film industry. Just don't forget that Canadians pay a Tuition Fee of $35,250 while the International Students pay $53,250.

Accreditation standards for Private Career Colleges can be slightly different from one Province to the next but most Include Provincial Legislation, Licensing, Certification, Accreditation and Program Approval.

The Vancouver film school has Canadian Government Recognition / Approval from PCTIA (Private Careers Training Institutions Agency).

Good Luck, Linda.


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