Unqualified Teachers-La Film School

His/Her only qualification is that she/he went to film school.

She/He is barely older than the students and He/she has never really worked in the film business as a cinematographer, mostly he/she shot some crappy little video things that aren't really professional.

He/She is a terrible teacher and an unbelieveable bad lecturer. Los Angeles Film School has a few good teachers but He/She is not one of them.

How she/he ever got to be a cinematography teacher is a complete mystery.


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Hi and welcome.

Over the last year we spent a lot of time researching the Los Angeles Film School but we never came across another complaint about the teacher you identified as unqualified.

That's why we have not yet published any names here. It wouldn't be fair as they are not here to defend themselves and there are at least 2 sides to every story.

I would be surprised if there is a school on the planet without a few unqualified teachers with terribly bad breath and a horrible taste in clothes.


I do believe the schools really try their hardest to get the best teachers available to them. The reality is that a perfect roster of teachers is hard to assemble and always costs more money.

I am going to forward your complaint (With Her Name...Not Yours:) to the LA Film School's Administration Department. If this is a common complaint with high regularity, the school will do something about it.

It hurts the school's reputation and I know a few of the staff at the LA Film School. They do care, or at least the people I know really do care about the quality of the school they work for and take pride in their jobs.

Let's not forget the one thing that ties everyone's hands behind their backs. This thing can also take good intentions and turn them into poor-results.


The LA Film School is a 'for profit' business. They have to constantly balance the student's needs against the bottom line.

I'm sorry you feel that you ended up with an unqualified teacher. I'd be angry as well and especially so because of the cost to attend that school.

Good Luck to you. Don't let the past get in the way of your future as a cinematographer. Keep your eye on the prize.


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