Unprofessional Instructors

by Preston
(North Carolina)

I would not call it a scam. More of a misappropriation of funds.

I am paying to be educated on the methods of Game Design. My very first class which I am finishing the second week, with a mandatory Wimba online class, finished a 1 question quiz on the wimba which was "what was the passcode?" which there was none, and still got 0 points for clicking 'none of the above'.

The 3 hour wimba session was nothing more than banter from the course director, which makes me curious about her credentials. I can understand an hour long class going over maybe half an hour, but tripling the time? There is laid back, and then there is outright disregard of fulfilling a job.

Also, it seems pointless to make you buy MacBook Pro's, and then make you run Windows 7 on it for virtually all of the advanced classes. It makes more sense to just hand out Windows equipped laptops with the same specs as a MacBook Pro, save us some money. Mac's are heavily overpriced. Though, I'm not complaining about the quality of the tech, I'd just rather not have paid $2500 for something I could have easily acquired for $1200.


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I would not call it a scam. More of a misappropriation of funds.

Like the analogy. Fits well with your objections.

There are always teachers that I don't agree with or care much for. The student and teacher are sometimes with different and opposing agendas. The teacher often does not want to be there and it shows. That can be frustrating when school is costing you so much and it doesn't seem as though the instructors realize or even respect the sacrifices you've made just to be in that class.

The teacher needs to consider the effort and sacrifices a student makes. Unfortunately, not all teachers are aware or even care. If that is the case, then the teacher should quit or be fired. Full Sail tries to hire the best teachers because it is in their best interest to do so.

That doesn't always work out, though.

Ignore what is wrong with your class and make the best effort you can. Sometimes it is better just to do what is required in order to get through and secure a good grade. You can't make everything right. You'd be wasting your own time and energy if you spend it trying to fix what is broken.

That goes the same for the Macbook issue. Full Sail has an agreement with Apple and both sides benefit from that collaboration. They seem to have forgotten about the students in that equation. What good can it do to fight against it once you are there? It is good to hear and know these issues before you decide on a school.

I hope you stick with it and put the focus on what you are doing and not what others are doing wrong. Take care of yourself as best you can.


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