To those that did not find a job after Full Sail...

I've heard people assume that Full Sail gives you jobs. They never guaranteed a job, but they did give an opportunity for a job. They have countless seminars, Q & As, social networking events, and sign ups for local production whether it be music, gaming, or film.

I got my first job after being assigned to talk to a manager of anything for a Full Sail assignment. At the time, my heart was in music production so I called a manager of a studio, set up an interview, then got a job out of pure luck.

I worked with that recording studio off and on for 3 years where I got free recording and more opportunities to network.

Then I went to a Full Sail Q & A where a new festival was coming to Orlando. Immediately, I got their information, emailed, set up an interview, sweated at that interview, waited for the phone call, and GOT the phone call...AND the job.

From there, I made connections at this Festival to go to England to work for the London Olympics and Festival Republic for a month. Then I came back and started working with AEG Live through local music productions around Florida.

My friend, who was in the film program, introduced me to a producer, who I mentored with, then started working on feature films, tv shows, and sports events. And now I have my own production company.

My point is that, it all begins with YOU. YOU have to network, YOU have to push down the barricades, and YOU are the one who will be working that job. Full Sail does nothing, but provide the education, network, and facilities to get you started.

ALSO, HUGE POINT. Florida is NOT the place for film or music production. Atlanta, Los Angeles, Nashville, New Orleans, New York City, and Charlotte are your best bets to find work.

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