This Blog is Apparently Maintained by Full Sail

This is apparently created by Full Sail

I believe that's all I need to say!


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No. I think you owe it to everyone to tell us why you came to such an opinion.

Did you want me to discard all the information I have collected about Full Sail University and believe that one person, unwilling to provide a name or even an Email address, knows something that makes all my research a fat lie?

If you would ever like to know the origins of a website or Blog, all you have to do is visit to find out everything about it. I have a feeling you won't do that because it takes work.

My guess is that you didn't take the opportunity presented you at Film school or you have encountered a tough time getting work or in your personal life.

I do hope your luck changes. I just don't see how we can blame a school when we have trouble finding work. Why don't you post a resume here?

Instead, you jumped to an incorrect conclusion. I might have been able to help you but I have no email address from you.

I wonder how good you could be if you forgot what it was that is hurting you and got on with it.

I have hope for you. And I hope you post here again and explain your position. You might have a very good reason to be angry. Share it here and you'll find that I will listen, consider it and include it.

I also know you live fairly close to Full Sail University. I dare you to go in there and ask if you could do a few pictures and maybe even a few video clips.

Put them together, expressing your views, upload to YouTube and send me the embed code. I will post it if it contains information that will help visitors to this website.

Now that's a challenge. Do you really have the mustard because I want you to change my mind.

I always change my mind when presented with proof that supports an opinion.


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