The Real Story About the Full Sail Opinions

by Kahlil R. Bowen
(Jacksonville, Fl)

Honestly the School is expensive but look, why blame FS for not being successful in film? You may be good enough to get through school but just because you go to this school and pay a bunch of money does not mean you will automatically be great at what you do.

It still takes work. The thing is EVEREYONE, including myself, forgot that School and College aren't supposed to give us what we need, give us skills, etc. School and College only gets us started.

It's up to us as individuals to keep it going. If you ask any of these people, complaining and claiming that the school is a scam, if they were at the top of their class and worked the hardest and were determined. Then my guess would be that they did not do that.

It isn't the school's fault that you wasted your money because you didn't use what they gave you. I'm a junior and even I find it ridiculous that no one wants to take blame for their own decisions.


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Nuff' said. Great post Kahlil. I wanted to wish you luck with your studies but when I read your post I realized that you won't need luck.

You'll make your own.


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