The LA Film School Didn't Find Me Work

by TJ
(Los Angeles,CA)

I am a graduate of the Los Angeles Film School, it’s been 8 months and the school has not been helpful in any job placements as well as any job connections.

If in fact I did get 1 or 2 projects to work on, it was solely projects I found on my own and NOT the help of the Los Angeles Film School. I have contacted them repeatedly begging and asking for help.

I even asked if I could at least work in the school and no one ever responded to me. It's been about 4 months. Sadly to say, since graduation I just picked up an $8/hr job in a department store with only 15 Hours a week. All my loans are in repayment as I have an outstanding $73,000 in debt.

I honestly believe that in 13 months for an Associate's Degree at a rate of $41,720 + $3,400 for the Macbook laptop + $400 equipment deposit. *( I have heard that tuition went up higher as well as the deposit.)

I was warned by a previous graduate about the school but it was already too late as I had already relocated from New York to Los Angeles.

What you see and hear on the tour is absolutely different from when you actually attend the school. In the beginning, for orientation, I was hearing all these exciting things that sounded so promising. One in particular would have to be the "Job Placement Program".

They said they would have jobs to place us in once we graduate, which was all lies. (You should ask them for their job placement ratings). At graduation, they had a speaker that was telling us not to turn down any jobs even if it’s not in film because the industry is hard, but in the beginning they promised to place us in jobs.

The graduation is horrible, you would expect to have a graduation that all Faculty, Friends and Family to come and feel proud. I was expecting my graduation to be uniformed in cap and gown just like traditional graduations, even my Elementary school graduation was much better than that.

After all you don't really learn the business side of the industry, which is really needed. I thank them for the semi-knowledge I've learned but I honestly regret going there, the money spent was not worth it.

If you decide to go there please do your thorough research, listen to other stories, these are voices of students who have actually attended the school and not just get fascinated with the tours.


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Sometimes I get so focused on a school’s educational “Product” and where they are spending their money that I forget to consider other things.

If The Los Angeles film School is throwing junk Graduation ceremonies at people then they should send you an apology letter. They didn’t even include your family? Wow.

That is bad because I DO consider it a responsibility of the school to show some pride in their Alumni and congratulate them for completing what is a very tough schedule to endure.

I’ll be darn proud when my son completes his schooling and he will never forget what a proud moment it will be for me. Hopefully, through me, he will see a world of possibilities and then accept that he will have to endure many setbacks on the way to his dream.

You said many other things in your post. I read it all but I feel that there is really only 1 thing you wanted to say.

  • The Los Angeles film School Promised Me a Job and Failed to Deliver

Forgive any ignorance from me. I know nothing about you and am not judging you as a human being but only your reaction to your present place in life.

Because it is hurting you.

How can you expect a school to guarantee you work? The days of the big studios hiring hoards of fresh graduates are over for good.

More and more work is being done in places from boutique studios to someone's basement or garage. This means that students looking for internships are going to be very disappointed. There is less than a fraction of the internships available than there used to be and fewer production companies even bother taking them on.

Not when their desk is piled high with resumes from highly experienced professionals begging for the same spot that you are.

I believe that The Los Angeles film School is trying very hard to place each of their Alumni into quality internship programs. They are failing because the demand is much higher than the supply. I believe this because it is in the best Interest of The Los Angeles film School to present a stellar report on Alumni successes.

It would make them more money.

Why did you take the class in the first place? Was it to learn how to make a movie or because they promised you a job afterwards? Think about it. Your emotions and longing for job security might be why you took the class.

The fact is that The Los Angeles film School gave you what a school ought to be giving its Students. It taught you to perform a certain skilled task and supplied you with the tools you need to complete that task. These are skills you did not have before you enrolled at The Los Angeles film School.

Since when did finding you "Promised" work become part of the school's responsibilities?

Why would you expect these schools to operate any differently than the industry they are supposedly training you to enter?

Forget them. They are the past and you don’t need them

You should not be burdened by such a huge loan. Remember that student loans are not the same as regular material-backed loans.

Email me and send me the name of your loan Company. I am sure that I can get that loan deferred until you are old and ugly (Assuming you are handsome now).

Then, I want you to take what you have learned and add something to your reel as often as you can. Shoot everything, find a common theme among them and edit it together. Make a movie in your basement if you have to. Phoning The Los Angeles film School for help finding work is a waste of your time because it is taking your focus off the prize.

I hope you can forgive all that have gotten in your way and start thinking of yourself and more of yourself. Get selfish and get making a flick. I know you have the skills and the brains. All you need now is a script, some actors and a camera.

No, I am not talking Porn. You are an artist. Geez …

Best of luck,


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Jun 07, 2011
Reply No Work at LAFS
by: Travel-Budget-Asia

I feel like you are painting me into a corner as the bad guy. I just put my son in school after nearly 2 years of researching these schools.

Most of what you said is true but you are talking metaphysically. The reality is that you will not convince any company to change their advertising campaigns from exploiting people's fears and needs to sell their products.

Don't give up because you feel the LAFS let you down. You are the winner because you have learned a new craft. No one can ever take that away from you.

Go out and make a film because you are a filmmaker. Head over to Mofilm. We live in an age where filmmakers have more chance than ever to get their work out there.

I'll try to answer your points.

First, you said The Los Angeles Film School is selling dreams.

Who isn't? Travel Agents? Beer companies? Cigarette companies? Drug Companies? Investment companies? Lingerie Manufacturers? Toothpaste Manufacturers? (I am not being sarcastic).

The dream holiday to Hawaii will not wash away all your problems. You will never get those girls in the beer commercials, even if you drink the beer. You may look like Humphrey Bogart with your cigarettes for a few years but your teeth will yellow and your lungs will wreck.

The difference is, at The Los Angeles Film School, dreams sometimes do come true. Many famous film people have been through the doors of the Los Angeles Film School (Look it Up).

You said, "The Los Angeles Film School is being sued by a group of students for the same reason."

I am aware of every lawsuit ever brought against the Los Angeles Film School and vice-versa.

Are you referring to this one?

December 10, 2010

"A new class-action lawsuit has been filed against the Los Angeles Film School, alleging that both have used deceptive practices in promising students jobs in the entertainment industry".

"Which sounds like a suit that could be filed against any creative arts school, ever-or for that matter, any university at all in an economy where your average graduate faces a job market full of unable-to-retire senior citizens who die clutching their desks".

To be fair, the article does conclude that some schools are making promises that they just can't keep.

I blame their ACCSC accreditation. How can you expect a school to keep track of every Alumnus to ensure they are working in 'Creative Positions"?

How does that affect you? It doesn't because everyone working at Starbucks after graduating from the LAFS has one thing in common.

They gave up.

Can you blame the LA Film School for not finding you work? I am just saying that you should expect nothing and get done what you can, even if it is on your own.

I just don't feel that any school should be held accountable for finding paid work for its students.


Jun 04, 2011
Response to Phillip
by: TJ

In response to your comment Phillip, The Los Angeles Film School does NOT find you internships either. It is not a requirement. MOST colleges allow you to intern for school credit. You must of misunderstood what I was saying. The Los Angeles Film School is selling DREAMS. I was NOT solely relying on the school to find me something, I'm not a persona who just sit back and expect everything to come to me. I worked hard throughout the 13 months and like I said promises were being made and NOT fullfilled.


You can disagree with my comment but Im speaking from my experience going to the school, in fact I am NOT the ONLY student who believed that they would get help from the school THE LOS ANGELES FILM SCHOOL is being SUED by a group of students for the same reason. (LOOK IT UP)

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