The Hype at Los Angeles Film School

I couldn't recommend this film school to anyone. Their are lots of good film schools out there and a lot of them in Los Angeles. If I know then what I know now, I definitely would not have gone to this school.

The big problem is the faculty, most of them are not real working professionals.

Another big problem is the students, most of them are not really serious about the film business and seem to be there just because they couldn't think of anything else to do. I think this is because the LA Film School spends huge amounts of money on advertising and they have dozens of admissions people who are really sales people. Too bad they don't spend as much on giving people a good education.

The show they put on when you take a tour is perfect to convince the people who will fall for this kind of salesmanship. People who are smart enough to see through the hype are also smart enough to get into USC or UCLA or AFI.

In the end this means that LA Film School does really good at hooking in the dumb people and they don't care. All they care about is if you have the money. They take the money and then run you through the second rate program as quick as they can. The joke the kids tell is that the school is called LAFS (laughs) and that is what people do when they hear you went to this school.


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There have been so many submissions about the La Film School and most of them have been negative. I am aware of the rule that says: Any school that's been around as long as the La film school will build its detractors.

I also know that the first people to complain are the ones that feel the world owes them something when they probably could have gotten more if they had just tried harder.

I was a teacher for 9 years and loved it. There are students that just don't care and can't be taught, and then they wonder why they couldn't get work.

I believe the student has as much responsibility to learn what they are taught as the school owns responsibility for teaching them. The job afterwards is all on you and you should not blame the school when other students who went through the same program are too busy working on film sets to read this post.

When they can't get great work, they blame the school and write into sites like this complaining. The problem is I would be an arrogant Idiot to just assume I know the validity of any of the complaints.

So I am going to post the stories if they are good. Yours is good.


Those are special schools that you can't compare to The LA Film School.

Tuition fees alone are blinding. Not to mention 2 years at La Film school Vs. 4 Years at USC doubles that cost. Yes, if you have the money and are part of the 26% that get accepted each year, by all means, go.

Next stop are the La Film Schools and the Full Sail Universities of the world. Accelerated programs at lower costs (Although still too much) who accept almost anyone. They are a business and a for-profit school, after all.

I agree with you about the teachers at the LA Film School. They are not working professionals in the film industry but they are teachers and they have a strong curriculum to work from.

Who in Hollywood would make a good teacher anyway? I just don't think you actually need to be working in the industry to teach the lectures. The hands on work is pretty much your own, though. Your final reel, anyways.

"If I know then what I know now, I definitely would not have gone to this school" You said.

Are you saying that you regret doing what it took to make you what you are today? Would you really go back in time and take back the experiences you got at the LA Film School and everything else that followed along on the path you set yourself on when you registered at the LA Film School.

The direction of your life changed when you signed the final papers to attend that school. (As well as the friends or 'contacts' you made there).

Could you even afford to attend USC or UCLA then or even now? Are you aware that in 2009 USC sent rejection letters to 86% of the applicants to the school?

Most people who get refused at USC or UCLA see the LA Film School as a step down but they were left with no other choice when refused elsewhere.

I see a very intelligent, well spoken person who is reasonable. How did you get that way? How is it you can spot a green newbie a mile away? Only an expert can do that so how did you go from being one of those newbies to an expert.

The cream rises no matter where you go to school. Could the La Film School have been that springboard for you?

Did you take the opportunities given you and did you make the best of them?

I am sure you did exactly that. This is why those who "seem to be there just because they couldn't think of anything else to do" make you so upset and cause you to see them as a distraction.

Because they ARE a distraction.

Then you refer to the Campus tour. Yes, all the for-profit schools put them on and they are designed to do one thing. Convince you to sign up for class and then sign up the Loan Papers.

But do you blame a business (LA Film School) for having an advertising budget and active recruitment Program? Their tuition fees are second tier and the ease of acceptance into the school and for student loans make it the only viable choice for some.

You are the perfect example of why I WOULD recommend the LA Film School for SOME people. Whoever you are, you have shown me that you did well in the composition section of the film program at the LA Film School.

I will wager that you have found success in your life and even if the LA Film School was lacking, you're Mother might even disagree with you on your assessment of what going to that school did for you.

Does she know you made this post?

Best of Luck,


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Apr 15, 2016
NYFS - A name worth millions
by: The Best Film Schools

The New York Film Academy (NYFA) is often confused with the famous NYU (New York University Tisch School of the Arts). This confusion has brought them great success.

They were smart to open their first location in New York and use acronyms that basically confuse many people into thinking this is the same school as New York University.

I realize that you would be attending the LA campus. They are officially located in a back lot on Universal Studios but they have no interaction and the school is located on leased land.

Again. Pretty smart to locate on Universal Studios property. See a trend?

They are masters of marketing.

Whatever degree you earn, it is worth nothing if you decide to try and transfer credits earned at NYFA to another school. They lack any accreditation worth the paper it is written on as far as other schools are concerned.

It is also very expensive. I know students who have graduated from there with over 78,000$ in debt.

However. I do like the short courses they offer as it is a great way to test the waters and get your feet wet.

I would recommend that you take an introductory class of a few weeks or months before signing up for the full tour at 2 years long.

Or use your money to study on your own, buy good equipment and even try to make a short movie. It will cost you much less money that any film school and will teach you much more.

If you are set on attending Film school at NYFA, then please consider taking one of the shorter classes first.

Good Luck.

Apr 15, 2016
LA Film School Reputation
by: Lukas Kotkamp

Dear reader, I have applied to the New York Film Academy at the LA faculty and I got in. Now was overjoyed but I'm reading a lot of negativity about this school. They are not accredited by the CHEA they are to commercial and give very litte in return. This school is expensive and I'm not very rich. I was hoping that you could help me shine some light on the whole thing because I'm despereate. Kind regards, Lukas Kotkamp

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