The Heartless Truth about Full Sail University

As another said; "A Scammer is somebody who takes advantage of ignorance". If that is the case, how is it the school's fault if their student does not take the time to fully read and understand the entirety of the contract they are signing?

I was under the assumption that it is the responsibility of the Signee to ensure all information is correct. Any mistakes after the signature has been jotted down is the fault of the signee.

That being said, Full Sail is a business. Just like any other business, they want money. And just like anybody who wants money, they will do things that might not seem ethically correct, but is legally correct.

They said 'Graduates with a Job" (summary), not "Graduates with a job in the field which they studied."

If somebody is foolish enough to not completely understand what they are signing up for, it is their own fault. There is no Full Sail Scam, only Full Sail Students of Stupidity.


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I think you might come across as a tiny bit heartless to some people.

I have not met many people that truly believe that Full Sail runs a Scam. I hope this page has pointed out the ridiculousness of that accusation.

The legality of the contract that students sign with Full Sail is not at the heart of the complaints.

The complaints mostly come from graduates that don't think the school does enough to help them find work.

The other complaint comes from Graduates who remember exaggerated promises about dream jobs given during the Campus Tours and from the School Reps.

He said ... She said. If a salesman doesn't wash his car before the buyers come out to see it then he is an idiot.

You are correct, though. If people understand that Full Sail is a business doing nothing illegal but trying to grow, improve and make more money, then people should not want or even have an excuse to post negative remarks.

I also believe that "You are Your Only Best Friend" when making the final decision about your future.

Information and using your reasoning abilities are your best weapons when listening to others about a school that is all wrong for you.

Or listening about a school that is just right for you.


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