The Full Sail University Enrollment Agreement

by Robin
(United States)

Philip, Thank you for your website. I appreciate your fair balanced information.

I have one question I did not see addressed on your site.

The Full Sail enrollment agreement suggests you are signing up to pay for the full program even if the student would decide to quit the program or not pass.

Do you have any information regarding the Full Sail enrollment agreement?

Kind regards, Robin


Reply from

Sorry for the long reply. I wanted to plant the answers to your questions permanently on the website.

Everyone can benefit from knowing what an Enrollment Agreement is and the nitty gritty details of the one that Full Sail requires you to sign and accept.

Ah, the mysterious Enrollment Agreement. It is the most highly guarded document at any school. It is so difficult to get your hands on the most current issue that my information is based mainly on last year's edition.

The only problem with that is the ever evolving Enrollment Agreements can change from year to year. Especially in the case of International Students.

What is an Enrollment Agreement?

The simplest explanation is that an Enrollment Agreement is a legally binding agreement between you and the school that guarantees that the school gets paid.

Full Sail's Enrollment Agreement is on par with most every other for-profit institution. This is what you should know about it before signing up.

If you quit before the completion of any single enrollment period then Full Sail calculates a pro-rated refund for all students who have not yet completed 30% of a single enrollment period.

If you attend more than 30.1% of your classes then you get no money back and owe the school for the cost of the entire Program.

If you are going to quit the school then make damn sure you do it long before you near the 30% point in your enrollment period.

Even if you are absent from class, you are still considered a participating student until you are removed from the active registrar.

Maybe it shouldn't take too long to remove you from it but some ex-students (I only listen to the reasonable ones) claim it has taken up to 2 weeks to complete.

The above are your attendance requirements. Below are your grade requirements.

Full Sail allows for a one-time repeat of any class you fail at no charge. You get only one chance to repeat a failed class so if you don't pass on your second attempt, you're done.

No school issues refunds to students who have taken the course and failed.

Here is the current refund structure.

% Enrollment Period Completed % Contract Price Refunded
1.0-10% (less than 2.8 weeks) 90%
10.1%-20% (less than 5.6 weeks) 80%
20.1%-30% (less than 8.4 weeks) 70%
30.1%-100% (more than 8.5 weeks) 0.0%

You must include the Enrollment Agreement in your application package along with the first of your 3 Payments / installments on your tuition fees.

If you quit you will be awarded a pro-rated refund. The longer you wait to quit the less you will get back.

If you make that 3rd and final payment at the 8.4 month mark then you are in for good and are responsible for the entire tuition.

Know the Enrollment Agreement of whatever school you choose to attend.

Hope that helps,


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