The FS Machine, Ignored, and Women

by Kenny

I am not saying there is a "scam" going on per-se, but it (Full Sail) definitely has some issues.

I graduated in 07 from show production. I did learn a lot but at what cost? Spent my life savings at the time to get an associates that resulted in A LOT of companies outright laugh in my face when I mentioned Full Sail and that's if I got an interview.

It is way too easy to get good grades there. I'm not a genius or anything but I managed a 3.5 GPA and perfect attendance. Lots of my instructors coached us on what would be on tests and labs etc. etc. I have nothing against them personally, they are for the most part honest and decent people.

It's the machine of Full Sail University that is killing the business / industry in my opinion.

Most other reviews are correct in that they treat you like a rock star early on (to get you to sign a check) and then mid or post degree they can't be bothered with you anymore. Live and learn I suppose.

Anyhow, anyone can succeed at this school as far as grades are concerned if you have any shred of work ethic or intelligence. Post graduation I felt like it didn't matter what I did / said. There is a stigma associated with being from this school and I've been told so begrudgingly by some folks in the "biz".

Oh yeah and don't plan on having anything to do but school if that's important to you. There is no time for much else but scholastic endeavors. There are no women there and if there are they've been hit on approx. 100 times a day by anyone with a heartbeat so I sympathize with them, I would be tired of hearing that shit too.

Anyhow this is ultimately just my personal opinion which in reality means nothing.....just like your degree most likely will as well.


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I would love to hear a conclusion to your story. I can't tell from this post whether you think you wasted your time and money at Full Sail. That's the bottom line for most people looking for an educated opinion, which yours is.

You already attended and completed your studies at Full Sail. I don't care who laughs in your face because they don't matter. Many in the Film Industry get laughed at no matter where they studied their craft. It's such a cliche that I won't even quote the number of film Execs who laughed in the faces of Quinton Tarantino or Steven Spielberg.

Heck, Spielberg was even rejected by the University of Southern California School of Theater, Film and Television three times.

A 3.5GPA might be easy to get (In your opinion) but a Perfect Attendance Record is the result of a strong work ethic and a fighter's attitude. Give yourself some credit here. Many Many more students drop out of Full Sail than finish a degree with a 3.5GPA.

I do agree that the Full Sail Machine (Which is not exclusive to Full Sail) leads to no good ending. Full Sail needs to implement stronger entry requirements for applicants. They will lose money in the short haul but it would increase the value of their brand and thus their contributions to the industry.

They might even be seen as Pioneers.

At the moment, Full Sail is focused on making money by filling seats with warm, paying bodies. It is natural that they would pay less attention to students that are securely in the program than new arrivals to the school. You can't really blame them for that. They are just being smart businessmen.

It is true that there are few very eligible women on the Campus at Full Sail. You won't be in a fraternity and you won't be having wild parties with hundreds of hot women. This can be seen as a good thing or a bad thing. It's always good to know what you're getting into.

This part of your post got me the most.

"Anyhow this is ultimately just my personal opinion which in reality means nothing.....just like your degree most likely will as well."

You're either on the fence or you are burned out and jaded by what you have discovered about the business as a whole.

It's not as glamorous as they make it out to be during the 'Private' Tours of the Full Sail campus. It is a lot of HARD work followed by a lot of rejection.

You're at the hump stage. I see it a lot.

There are only two ways off the Hump. You either quit or you struggle on until it pays off. Nearly 80% will give up and just quit. That's why so few end up with a career in their field of study. Forget Full Sail because it's all about you now. My guess is that you are not a quitter.

That only leaves you one other choice.

Thanks for the Review.


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