The Film Making Old Timer

by Aura Mitchell
(Spanaway, WA USA)

I got my degree and the only thing I would change is to have a Bachelor's degree, enrolled with regular curriculum for diversity.

A film degree has not helped me. Seattle is dead for film making. With two shorts in the can, a full length dropped to unreliable help from Seattle it's not like I wasn't getting stuff done. But it will be a hobby for a while or forever.

I didn't get out with placement what so ever. I don't think that there is a scam as much as playing on dreams. Job searching has lead to no work I could attain. Most require major experience.

Let me clear this up, I don't mean making 30k, I mean raising a family and 6 figures is what gets that done. We go there to make a lot of money one day, not to eat ramen and see no chicks day in day out (Full Male).

The school is beautiful since I went there so they really put money into it. But me being out of high school, naive and not job searching before paying the tuition for a decade was a mistake.

It is perfect for single guys with money in the family but I would get a four year degree minimum so that you can survive in the job market. To those who think only the cream raise to the top with hard work obviously haven't failed.

Or the right people know them, with talent not being on the forefront.


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Wow, Aura. I am not sure if filmmaking was ever your dream. I always end up assuming things because people tell me so little.

I will assume that making films is and always has been your dream. You sound like an artist with a temporary case of the Jaundice.

The only problem is that you can't avoid your duty. If you have something that you think people should see, whether it to help them, entertain them or educate them, then you have a duty to get it into their hands.

Sorry to say that. Your life would be so much easier if you would just conform to the normal life and take a 40 hour a week job that you hate and do that until you're 65.

Unfortunately, you probably can't. You wouldn't have gone to film school in the first place.

Can you reply with links to your work? I assume that you have your videos hosted where people can access them?

I have 3 or 4 things I'd love to answer.

You said, "Seattle is dead for film making."

The cutbacks have affected many good people but Seattle remains a strong place for film work. If compared to most other cities, Seattle has more options though.

You could consider a move up to Vancouver, Canada? The film industry has doubled in the last few years. It's a beautiful city and the people are the closest you'll get to Seattleites.

I'm just trying to think of some ideas for you. Sorry if you have heard and thought about my suggestions a hundred times before.

You said, "Change to have a Bachelor's Degree."

Do you mean a four year film degree of in another field? You can always go back to school and upgrade to a Bachelor's Degree.

You said, "See No Chicks Day in and Day Out"

That part made me laugh. I have watched many videos on YouTube of classes and hallway banter at Full Sail and I have to say that I saw very few females.

Could you not get more done without girls to distract you? (Sarcasm) There are many more girls enrolled this year's at Full Sail University. It is still mostly men, though.

Or the Right People Know them, with Talent not Being on the Forefront

Yup. It goes the same for any job in any industry in the world. It's frustrating to see but it's a fact that has been a reality since the dawn of mawoman. We can't change it so ignore it.

I really hope you are just another person going through a rough patch. You may have been climbing the hill so long that you feel there is no end to it and you will never roll down the other side like a snowball.

You will. You just can't give up is all.


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