The Educational Background of Full Sail University

by Mikki
(New Jersey)

I do not find Full Sail University to be a scam at all. In fact, I am currently taking Animation in high school and plan to pursue a dual enrollment of Computer Animation and Mobile Development! However, I do find it suspicious that the university does not accept GPA or SAT and I am suspicious about it's educational background.

Recently, a representative from the Full Sail University came to my school during a college visit and informed me about the whole experience at the university. She began to talk about the two sides of the brain, the right side and the left side. The left side is critical; intellectual by means of taking school serious. The right side is the creative side, and it doesn't involve you to think as much as the left side.

She made excited when she told that the university did not accept GPA and SAT. She said that the school wasn't too much on grades as well. She informed us that she wasn't too good at school as well and her grades were not the best? I was excited at first. But, it was too good to be true! 21 months for a bachelors degree?

All that hard work in getting a 4.0 GPA, a good score on a SAT, and AP classes for something that didn't need that much effort in the first place? I take school serious. I take AP classes and have a high GPA.

What worries me is that if I attend the school and put in hard effort, will I be graded the same as the other students? What would be the point in working so hard just to be graded the same as the others? I am worried if I plan to pursing my career at the university, and begin taking school less serious, and then don't get accept, where will I turn to now?

I hear teachers, parents, other students, talk about the importance of grades, GPA, etc in high school. I am just curious because this school hasn't been announced on the news! I mean, it should be! All these great things? Shouldn't the word get out!

But the question is: why now? My parents, teachers, or other students never told me about this school. I only was informed by a representative at the university who claims her job is to "get the word out".

That is all I have to say! Thanks.


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Good points to bring up. Full Sail doesn't accept GPA and SAT scores because that would reduce the amount of applications coming into the school. It is purely business and setting the standards high reduces their potential income.

You have other choices. A film school that is Regionally Accredited is where they accept GPA and SAT scores. I'm not sure what the answer is for you but I would recommend that you keep looking.

Full Sail is called a University but is actually accredited as a Trade School. They focus only on the skills you need to acquire and not the theory behind it. The Bachelor's Degree earned there is a Nationally accredited one and is not accepted in 99% of Regionally accredited institutions.

You will only be able to transfer Full Sail credits to another Nationally Accredited School. Most Nationally accredited schools are simply trade schools. The University of Florida is a traditional University that comes with Regional Accreditation.

The answer is not an easy one for you. If you enroll at Full Sail then all your hard work in earning a top GPA and SAT score will be all for nothing. If you transfer to the University of Florida, then you will retain your high scores and they will count towards something.

If I was extremely concerned about getting the most recognized degree upon completion of my studies then I would recommend you seek out a Regionally accredited Institution, do the required 4 years of study and retain what you have worked so hard to accumulate.

Just an opinion. You must ultimately decide. Talk to as many folks as you can who know something about this. We are talking about your future here.


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