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Oct 22, 2015

by: Philip

It makes little difference to employers in my experience, but it seems to mean the world to other, regionally accredited schools.

Top schools will not accept National accreditation (I don't care if they have changed their name).

I think you should better focus your attention on costs. Some film schooling can be a benefit but are you willing to pay $600 a month for the next 7 years?

If not, do more research.

May 12, 2015
still confused
by: mifa

It was really important for me to find a good school that is regionally accredited. And that is what is stopping me from enroll at Full sail. I am interested in the animation program, I see the student work and it makes me want to enroll (among other things of course) but Full sail is not accredited , so.. would prospect employers even take a full sail graduated seriously? I know you need to work hard and have talent, some good artist didnt even have a traditional education, there is a lot of information online. And thinking about the accreditation issue, I know for sure animation mentor is a well recognized school that doesn't even have any kind of accreditation. So is it really that important ? I wish I have an answer for that. and if someone does please explain it to me. thanks

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