Thanks for an Unbiased Review of Full Sail University

by Angel Torres
(Kissimmee, FL)

Wow, thanks.

This review was the best I've seen so far. It was unbiased and it's been a great help in helping me choose a school. I'm going to definitely go with Full Sail.

I've seen all those purely negative articles about Full Sail but they were all very "it didn't work out for me" oriented but thank you so so much for this review because you broke it down honestly for me letting me know the pros and cons about the school and know I can make an educated decision.

Again thanks so much for this (-:


Reply from

You are welcome, Angel. I love to read that people are getting some help by coming here but I will probably not post any more compliments about the website.

I want to keep the website packed with current and well-researched information. Posting a thank you comment is wonderful but it helps no one except me and people don't care about me.

They came here to get information to answer their questions and that is all. Thank you dearly for taking the time to thank us because it is our only reward.

But I will not post any further comments about the website. It opens a door to marketing Departments looking for free advertising and self-promotion.

Tell us why you chose Full Sail? Tell us what loans you are getting or if you managed to cover much of the cost with Grants and Awards money.

Thank You, Angel. You made our day.


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