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by Hannah

I've already done my undergrad work, I graduated about 4 years ago from a small private school in Iowa, majoring in Fine Arts. I've recently started feeling burnt out at my job, not in my field, so I've decided to go to grad school. I found Full Sail and did some research about the program offerings in the last few weeks. I was still a little hesitant, until talking with a few of the other schools I had gotten information about, none of which offered Master's programs. One wanted $14,000 to take a few classes to basically get a good portfolio, um no..if I'm going to spend money, I'm going to have something to show for it.

I just read a few of your articles about the school and I can tell you I feel much better knowing I'm (probably) making the right decision for myself and my family's future. My husband is a bit of a skeptic so sharing your article made him feel better as well. I'm enrolling in the Media Design master's online program, starting this summer.

I can say that after reading your articles I feel a lot better about my decision. I had never thought about reading up on their accreditation and what it meant to be nationally vs. regionally accredited.

Thank you for giving me and my family some piece of mind about a big life decision such as this! So glad I found your articles.


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