Texas Doesn't Accept Full Sail Accreditation

FYI Texas does not accept the accreditation that Full Sail Offers.

I was hoping to get started with the Educational Technology MS degree and found out from our HR department that TEA does not recognize this school ...

Bummed but good to know.


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This is a quote from the TEA (Texas Education Agency) website regarding their duties and responsibilities.
TEA is responsible for the oversight of public primary and secondary education in the state of Texas, involving both the over 1,000 individual school districts in the state as well as charter schools.

However, it does not have any jurisdiction over private or parochial schools (whether or not accredited) nor over home schools."
Full Sail is a private school. Private Schools do not fall under the jurisdiction of the TEA. That is why they don't list them, not because they don't have the blessing of TEA.

Please read our page called what is accreditation? It covers exactly what you can do with national accreditation, Regional accreditation and everything in between.

Full Sail is Accredited by the ACCSC (National Accreditation) which is an accreditation organization recognized by CHEA (Council for Higher Education Accreditation).

Private schools are also known as independent schools or non-state schools. They are not administered by local, state or National Governments so they have the right to select their students as they please (Entrance Requirements).

Private schools are funded in whole or in part by charging their students tuition, rather than relying on public or government funding.

TEA only oversees Public Schools funded by your tax dollars.

Having said that, I would not recommend Full Sail for you. The film Program is one of the best in the business but you are looking for an Educational Technology MS degree (Full Sail calls it an 'Education Media Design and Technology Master of Science Degree').

That means you could find yourself working in the public system, even teaching K-12. That said, you would be better off going the Regionally Accredited, traditional, publicly funded route.

I like the look of Full Sail's slick online interface for their online courses. Unfortunately, a Nationally Accredited Degree might get in your way, despite the quality of your education.

There are better options for you, you just won't find them on the TEA's list.

Good Luck,


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