Taking advantage of the underprivileged

by Mom
(Palm Beach Gardens, FL)

Do I think there is scam running at Full Sail? No, not the kind you are blogging about but I do believe that Full Sail is like a big candy store that shoves the candy in a child's face and after they eat it, tells them it wasn't free and pay up. I speak from experience. A big regret of experience.

My son graduated from Full Sail in 2010 with an associate degree in Recording Arts. He owed $78,000 in student loans upon graduating. For an Associate degree!! Argh! Still hurts to write that.

Here is the problem: the majority of kids attending Full Sail are underprivileged kids with dreams of becoming the next Jay Z. The open house was unbelievable. They served lobster, crab, etc. As a single mom, I had never seen anything like it in my life. The tour through the studio was like Universal Studios in Orlando. It was like being in a theme park. And right at the next tables where we ate our open house lunch were the financial aid groups pushing you on signing Sallie Mae loans. I mean, they were actually in the room where the food was being served!! Here are a few of their lines: "Everyone takes out loans." "You will have these paid off in no time." "You will be making over $100,000 per year as soon as you graduate" I could go on and on. I blame no one but myself when I co-signed those loans. My son had stars in his eyes and I liked that he was happy and that I might have a child graduating from college. I always regretted working to just work and I wanted my son to be happy with his livelihood.

The fact is, they do help you with job leads but none of the jobs could come close to paying these student loans. My son and I now have $600 a month in student loans for 30 years. He is finally making $37,000 a year. He will never own a home, probably not a new car or anything else of value. The odds of making the kind of money to pay these loans is like a needle in a haystack. It would be like attending film school so you could say you want an Oscar. The odds aren't good.

Not many kids wanting to get into hip hop are independently wealthy and that is what you need to be to attend Full Sail.

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