Switched my course without my knowledge

by Kerry
(Las Vegas)

Well i was enrolled in music production, at some point i was switched to media communications, i never signed nor agreed to it, i was told i wasn't "progressing in my classes" I was passing classes as far as i knew so, when i finally talked to someone,i found out they decided to put me in this 8 month course. I was informed by an agent that simply passing the class was enough to continue,i was already 4 months in once i found out so i had to finish it.

I had a 2.0 when i finished, so i enquire about whats going on because im on the hook for loans, i was supposed to receive equipment, i didn't get it. They ended up telling me all i can do is appeal, and if that appeal fails im stuck with a certificate that no employer will even look at......still have yet to see any transcripts or grades that prove that....im pretty much having to go on their word that they sent these things at the time of the switch.

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