Success at Full Sail University

by Frank

I'm currently taking the Music Production and Audio Engineering course at Full Sail University. I've been a musician my whole life, and have a general knowledge of how to write both conventional and electronic music, which is why i took this course.

At the moment, I'm in Music Theory 2, and really have no complaints. All of the resources are there to help me do well, and if you have questions, they get answered. This is also my 6th class, as I take a class per month.

I wonder if people realize that getting an college education ANYWHERE, and this has been proven, research it, never really guarantees them work, especially if they just barely made it through the course, or lack the motivation to succeed in their degree (and some places water down their education just to pass students).

One thing I can say about Full Sail is that they seem to weed out the one's who don't care. If you graduate from that school, you busted your ass to do so. What I've done at CC in 6 months took me 2 at Full Sail, not because it's better, but because it's faster, so you need that mentality to succeed.

Some people think that they deserve a job just because they graduated college, but common sense will tell anyone that there's much more to life then a piece of paper and debt. A hammer won't build a house.

With that said, school will give you some knowledge, but you have to have the drive to succeed.


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Good advice. It's Common sense, but difficult to put into practice.

If you have ever been through a Full Sail 'Campus Tour' then you can see the excitement building in the young people's eyes. It's an amazing place that captures the emotional awe and hides the fact that only the hard-working, committed (and those capable of huge sacrifice) will stand a chance of even finishing the Film Course or Music Production Course.

Never mind making it big in Hollywood.

Full Sail has all the tools you need to achieve your goals. Just don't expect them to curtail students who believe that paying tuition paves a road to Hollywood.


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