Scholarships at Full Sail University

by Brandy

Well I just started Full Sail so what I think may mean nothing right now.

I agree, it is a business and they do want your money. But out of the $34,000 of tuition this SEMESTER I only own them $8,000 because of the scholarships I received from THEM. So maybe it's not all money (mostly) but not all.

You can't say the education is worthless though. That tuition you're paying goes to having state of the art equipment that you wouldn't see at a regular university.

And to the idiots that feel "entitled" to a job after graduation, you have to work for it just like everyone else. Yeah it'd suck if when I graduate I don't get employed but the only person I have to blame is myself.

What I don't understand is why people would want to transfer. I can see if you change your mind but most people who go to Full Sail are sure of what they want. And if not, why would you go to an expensive school like this to figure it out? Go to a community college, get your AS and figure it out before putting out $80,000 for school.

Yes, I'm a female, and I don't care that it's mainly a boy school. As long as the students are talented and creative like me, I don't need them to have the same hormones. I could see if they were purposely not hiring women because they were women, but I strongly doubt that since most of the faculty I've met are women. Not only that they have a scholarship for women where you have to write an essay about how the industry undermines women.


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Pretty informative for someone who 'has nothing to say'. There are quite a few Scholarships available at Full Sail but many people either don't feel the need to apply for them or are unaware that they exist.

I say this because every year there are more than a few scholarships that go unclaimed.

It is a great way to avoid the entire conversation about whether they are "Only in it for the money". I'm glad that you brought up the matter because the scholarships available are not only extensive, but growing.

This year they just introduced a "Florida Resident Scholarship that pays nearly 70% of your tuition fees.

Check their scholarships.

It is my guess that most (Not all) find Full Sail an attractive option because of their low entrance requirements. I don't mean to belittle the school but you don't need to be a 4.0 Student in order to qualify for entrance into the school's Film Program.


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