Preying on Vulnerabilities of Dreamers

by Nick Smith

You defend the school by saying the myriad of complaints are due to disgruntled people having a higher propensity to complain on line than happy ones?

That argument doesn't hold up. I don't find this kind of anger when researching other schools, so there must be some merit to the complaints, just based on the fact that people are taking their time to complain.

I'm sure there are things about other schools that people don't like, but those things don't make people mad enough to want to share their anger on line. I'm sorry for those that get "their dreams" dashed by unethical institutions that appear to be preying on the vulnerabilities of dreamers.

In my opinion, if a school has this much negative activity, just say no thank you and keep looking. There are other schools out there that will meet your needs and help you build the skills and credibility to realize your dreams.


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I want to keep a balanced view of the schools that I review. That can't be done by simply basing my conclusions on rumors and heresay found posted on the internet. To build a balanced and informed opinion you need to dig deeper.

If you had argued that their 'Project LaunchBox' program restricted freedom of choice for the students then I may have approved and agreed with your conclusions. That is because I would have quickly realized that you were an informed person.

All you have done here is make a broad-sweeping conclusion about the school based on unreliable sources. I want to convice people that it is worth their time to have a hard look at where they decide to spend $60,000USD on their child's education.

On, Sunday, February 12, 2012 the Grammy Awards® aired on TV. During the ceremony, 71 Full Sail graduates were credited on 52 Grammy®-nominated projects across 38 different categories.

That is a staggering number when compared to any other film school. Full Sail also has the best equipped, most modern campus in the world.

Those are facts that say something. Most of the graduates that I contacted told me that they didn't credit Full Sail for their Grammy awards and Nominations but that is beside the point.

Dig deeper, my friend. Full Sail has many negative aspects to it. I just can't turn a blind eye to the fact that hard-working, talented people are coming out of this school and winning awards in significant numbers.

Don't go to Full Sail if you don't want to. I only ask that you look a little deeper than reading what people have to say on some random website. Most of them either dropped out of the Program or failed the Program entirely. Just ask the ones that you can contact. They have some of the most amazing excuses for why they had not succeeded.

If you base your conclusions of a film school purely on the the opinions of what others have posted on the internet then your information source is skewered and unreliable.

I wanted to point that out when I said that it is human nature for unsatisfied customers to speak up before satisfied customers ever pay a compliment.

Best of luck,


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