Poor Post Graduate Support

After finishing 2 years and $70K of loans the college could not produce an actual diploma for my daughter at graduation day. Instead she will have to wait months after to receive this and on request for college transcripts she was told she need to complete a form with a $5.00 fee.

This of course is after trying to call the administration office. The response was that they would not take telephone calls but only respond to email requests. It seems they don't feel the need to answer phones there unless your there to spend money.

After graduation support is a flying joke. They should be exposed for the scam that they are or at lease pressured to provide much need post graduate support. They should pick up the phone for starters.


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A common complaint but not one exclusive to Full Sail. It is ridiculous that a student has to pursue their own diploma and then pay for the right to apply for transcripts.

But it is what it is. Full Sail is all about profits and there is no profit in spending money on Post-Graduate Support. End of story. It is endemic to EVERY 'For-Profit' School and many others as well.

Schools in general, not just 'for-profit' schools or even just Film Schools, lack the desire to do anything for students once they have graduated. The Alumni Programs are the best way forward as they are often run by Graduates themselves. It's all left up to the student and their future doesn't and shouldn't be left in the hands of others but within their own hands.

The Mantra remains the same. A school will give you the tools and technical training but you will succeed or fail on your own merits.


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