People Don't Understand Private Film Schools

I'm half way through the computer animation program at Full Sail. About half of the students in my class have dropped out so far.

Is it because Full Sail is a bad school? Nope.

These drop-outs really like watching special effects in movies or playing video games and decided that they want to do it for a living.

The problem is that they have no business even attempting to learn what needs to be learned in order to work in such an industry because they're not prepared to put in the time and effort to be able to do it.

About 90% of students have zero artistic ability coming into the program, about 50% retain that zero artistic ability. These people typically end up blaming the school for not being about to teach them what they need to know.

What they really want is someone to somehow spoon feed them talent without putting much effort into their own progress. the students that remain have all made great strides in their own artistic ability through many hours of effort.

Full Sail is for profit, but there is nothing wrong with that. If I had my way, they wouldn't even offer a degree for completion. A degree is worthless in a computer animation industry.

Your portfolio is all that matters.

Full Sail instructors go out of their way to help students. They are successful veteran artists from the industry. They offer insight whenever asked and give additional lectures on their own time. This is what I want out of an instructor. Full Sail is no different than any other professional artist offering insight and education for a price.

There are literally thousands of artists that make a supplemental income from teaching others. The only difference is that you get the full spectrum of an industry instead of a tiny piece of it because Full Sail covers all the areas within the industry. This broad spectrum of course costs a lot more and rightly so.

If you're blaming Full Sail for your troubles you should be blaming yourself. Claiming it is a scam puts Full Sail in the same ranks as true scam colleges like ITT Tech and it is unfair. Do your research, make sure you know what you're getting into before believing you will enjoy a job in an industry that Full Sail offers an education for.


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Some Students believe that if they just sit in Class, they will learn through osmosis (Old Teacher Joke).

The truth is that the work just begins when you finish film school. The toughest part is that first job.

Enough of Jamming on the complainers, though. Full Sail do a good sales job on those video game kids. Full Sail focuses their pitch on the fun of video games and leaves out the hard work part.

Everyone is lazy. We will always choose the path of least resistance. We first must learn that there is no easy path to success and anyone with a story otherwise has some snake oil in the back somewhere.

Full Sail is a good school for some but the wrong choice for others. Full Sail are hard on their Students. Then again, that might be the most important lesson of them all.

If you can make it through that then you might just be ready for the real world of entertainment, digital and multimedia art.

Thanks for your input. It stresses the final and consummate conclusion. This is enough. Full Sail is no scam.


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