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Oct 08, 2011
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by: The Best Film Schools

I'm sorry if you feel I am biased towards for Profit Colleges.

Is that because I don't include enough negative information about them or because I am asking the students entering today's educational environment to take more responsibility for their educational choices?

I don't feel that either are examples of biased behavior. But that is your personal opinion and I respect it.

I read your post and find it hard to agree with. You said "(I) Was Fed Up With Teachers Who Felt It Was Party Time - Not Teaching Time".

I was a teacher for 11 years. When a student starts telling me that my method of presenting information is flawed then I know I have a "Know-it-all".

I don't want to speak of students who criticize a teacher's teaching methods negatively because sometimes it's true.

But these students are very hard to teach.

The reason is that they think they already know everything, right down to the best way to conduct a class.

Maybe if you'd have approached the class with an attitude of openness instead of skepticism aroused by your judgmental faculties?

This attitude confines you within the knowledge you possess now but you will miss learning if you think there is nothing for you to learn.

Did you ever consider that the human brain learns faster in a lightened environment than it does in a strict, mathematically sequenced series of events designed to please each student?

Teaching the creative process is a difficult thing and it requires individual expression as a foundation to promote a search for unique ideas and abstract expression.

I propose that a strict environment would be counter-productive to a creative one.

Were there opportunities while the teacher 'partied' for you to share ideas and maybe recruit possible talent to work with on one of your ideas for a film or short?

Too few students take the opportunity while at school to cultivate friendships with similar and like-minded folk.

Some people say that the real treasure in attending a Film School is the relationships you cultivate.

As far as this website we would really like to think of ourselves as a coming watchdog for the hundreds of private film schools operating in hundreds of countries.

I may have begun this website with schools I like but that is because it is harder to prove a school is being negligent than it is to prove a school is operating and producing working alumni.

You said "I'm Against Those Colleges Because They Focus More On The Wallet Than They Do On The Student."

And no one has an argument against that.

Does any company you know of operate any other way?

Check out this post called Advice from a Full Sail Graduate.

Welcome to reality. You have the tools, now all you have to do is fight.

I hope you do well. I apologize for any rudeness. That was never my intent.


Sep 24, 2011
Biased Towards For Profit Colleges?
by: Sharon

There can be driven students but teaching methods and learning speed differ greatly. I've heard bad and good things about Full Sail among other schools.

Full Sail has had similar complaints to SCAD. I think SCAD was not for me but I have no idea which college would have been good. I've always known what I wanted to do and can't find a college that offers course customization. These for profit colleges should have try outs to give students a taste of what they'll be learning before they enslave them to banks.

I don't know about the course schedule for Full Sail but instructors at SCAD skipped over some vital information. They would do better to fire the instructors who don't do their jobs. I had to avoid some classes because I didn't like being ignored by an instructor or was fed up with teachers who felt it was party time - not teaching time.

I'm focused and driven. I didn't drink, party or do drugs but when you ask a teacher a question about the program you are SUPPOSED to be learning don't you think they should answer you?

I stayed up days at a time working on renders for classes I didn't need but I did actually earn my degree. I don't expect to be handed a job but it disturbs me that I learned more AFTER I graduated than while I was being taken for a (expensive) ride.

Most of the people who have jobs in the industry is actually due to WHO they know not WHAT they know. I don't know anybody so I guess that's my fault. I have seen some awful portfolios of working professionals and beautiful work by people still trying to break in.

It's absurd to think that hard work pays off anymore.

I work and keep my portfolio up to date but really, to say that these expensive private schools are completely blameless is ridiculous. I take part of the blame obviously but SCAD loves to talk up all of the places their students work, not how few work in the industry. No for profit college is going to be honest about job placement and you'll be lucky to get any help with that.

I say if you want to do it learn the programs on your own. That's what I'm doing anyway and I'm learning more than that $30,000+ / year SCAM taught me. I'm learning it faster because I'm not wasting time learning crap I never used anyway. When I ask a question in a forum it get's answered!

It doesn't matter how much passion you have for something if you can't complete the assignment because of an unrealistic schedule. You are doomed period.

I'm against those colleges because they focus more on the wallet than they do on the student. At SCAD you literally are a student number and a loan.

I researched SCAD the wrong way by talking to representatives and I should have been seeking out graduates. Before you sign your life away to a bank make sure it's worth it and above all, their teaching methods should match your learning preference.

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