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(Velburg, Germany)

I'm a current Full Sail student, taking classes online (which have been labeled as "harder"). To me, these classes have provided a tough and challenging month, each and every month, especially while you try to keep your normal job satisfied, then slave over your computer for hours every day.

I have nothing to complain about with this school. They've given me a computer, tons of expensive software and some hardware. We use these tools daily in every class, so you essentially become proficient at working with your tools of the trade. For me, it's Music Production, so I work with Pro Tools and Logic rather frequently. I have a few classes left, and so far, I've learned how to score music for film, score music for commercials, develop sonic brands for companies, score commercials for those companies, compose my own music, develop a rock solid song with lyrics, and so on.

After two years of these classes, to say that I haven't learned anything would be a major understatement. This school has pushed me to my limits, made me think outside the box, and create music and themes that I never thought possible.

So, how to turn all that into the "dream job"? Well, my dream job is to own my own label, either a home studio, or a bigger office-type. I'd say that Full Sail has prepared me extensively for that so far with the equipment, programs, and classes I've taken. Not to mention, Full Sail grades you on your participation in classes, turning in assignments on time, and the quality of your work. There's classes that I've taken that the teacher was made to be brutally honest for the sake of "real world" clients you'd run into.

The current class I'm in is competing for song submissions to ESPN's digital library of tracks. For someone that's studying Music Production, I'd call that pretty awesome.

If people haven't gotten their "dream job" from Full Sail, well, you must not have gotten good grades, or weren't very professional with the teachers (also a Full Sail requirement). If you were, then perhaps you're not seeking the required employment you SHOULD have before landing your dream job. Dont forget that most employments look for experience, not just an education.

Full Sail is just an education to some people.

But as far as the scam, all I can see are a bunch of people who are hating on a well maintained, well run, well taught, and well organized school.

I'm glad to have applied here, it was well worth the funding.


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There is no scam at Full Sail University.

Full Sail's turnout and turnover rate is massive. When dealing with such a large customer base, many are bound to lay blame with the school for their woes.

But Full Sail should really stop promising the world to incoming prospects and they should also expect complaints when an online Bachelor's degree in Music Production costs $56,980USD.

Whether you think this is a lot of money or not is irrelevent. People expect something in return for that kind of money. Even so much as to learn via Osmosis while they nap.

A University Degree earned online should be more respected than the one earned on-Campus.

It's not just that you're holding down a full time job but the self-discipline it takes to remain on track and complete the course should earn you a badge coveted by employers.

Thanks for your input.


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