Each of the NYFA Locations Offers a Different Set of Programs

There are many NYFA locations. Some of the locations are incredibly intoxicating. The problem is that your choice of location limits what courses are available and even the quality of the education.

Is it a 3 week workshop in Rome or a degree granting course in Los Angeles?

There are only 4 permanent Campuses of the NYFA. They are located in New York, Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi. Only the Los Angeles Campus offers Degree Programs. The other New York Film School locations offer varying mixes of Conservatory courses and Workshops.

There is nothing wrong with jetting off to Paris, France for a 3 week camp as long as you know what to expect. If you are going there for the glamour of travel then mark that into your budget and your expected results.

It's a killer holiday for people with money to burn. There are ways to get better educational return on your money, though.

  • The Universal Studios Campus in Los Angeles

The L.A. Campus offers a two year Masters of Fine Arts, two-year Associate of Fine Arts and a three-year Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Filmmaking, Cinematography, Photography, Acting and Producing. These are only available at the L.A. location of the NY Film Academy.

If you want a degree program then your choice of location is limited with the NY Film Academy.

  • The Campus in New York City

They offer a 2 year Conservatory Course as the highest end Program at the New York City Campus. There are no Degree Granting Courses but they do offer a very rich selection of courses that vary in duration and can fit into any schedule.

The New York City campus offers everything except the Degree Programs at the LA Campus.

  • Abu Dhabi Campus, UAE

Even though the Abu Dhabi location is a permanent campus they offer at best a 1 year program in Film Making. There are no Degree programs available.

Available at the Abu Dhabi location are one year, Four Week, Eight Week and Evening Classes.

All other locations offer variations on courses from one week up to a maximum of one year.

  • Harvard University, Cambridge
  • Walt Disney World (Disney's Hollywood Studios, Orlando, Florida)
  • Florence, Italy
  • Paris, France
  • Rome, Italy
  • Bilbao, Spain
  • Shanghai, China
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • London, England
  • Mumbai, India
  • New Delhi, India
  • Brisbane, Australia
Any of these NYFA Locations would make a wonderful vacation spot to visit.

I can't imagine that travel and study in a foreign city would do anything but spark the juices of creativity. I just don't see the educational merit considering that a typical 8 week course at these locations can cost as much as $5,300USD for Tuition and another $1,000USD Equipment Fee.

That doesn't include the cost of transportation or living expenses. They might set you back more than the tuition fees.

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