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by A parent

As some of this site suggests. You better not expect the help they claim to offer as it will not be there. NOTE the 'for-profit'.

They will not process your withdrawal for 30 days thus charging for more time than is being attended.

If you can do it all alone you will make it, if you need any help from support offices or advisers or instructors my experience is you will not get it.


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Fair enough. It is very true that Full Sail expects to be compensated for a seat that you take up in their class. Thus the 30 day withdrawal period to which you pay for even when you are not there.

I don't like it but it is a policy at almost every school we have researched. If you register for a class, then the school sees that as a reserved seat ... a seat that they can no longer fill with someone else. When you withdraw, they see that spot disappearing and it is hard for them to fill that seat again. The 30 days gives them the time to actively seek a new body to take up that now vacant seat.

They lose money if no one is paying to attend the class.

Full Sail will not lose money if they can avoid it. This is a rule that is used in almost every school in varying degrees. You can't reserve a seat and then vacate it without paying a fine for it.

You should expect no support from Full Sail unless you are trying to spend money. If you are trying to take money off the table then they will do everything to stop you. They want money and will do everything to get it. Everyone needs to know that your education and anything else that benefits YOU is up to you to grab, whether Full Sail likes it or not.

It is a crappy rule for the student but it is a reality. Make sure that you are sure of the school you want to attend before signing anything.

Good Luck ...


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