No Scam at Full Sail

by Deborah J Striegel
(La Veta, CO, USA)


I began a graduate program at Full Sail in "Education Technology and Media Design". This is an online program.

I was 6 months into the program when my life got crazy and I withdrew.

Speaking from personal experience with Full Sail I can say without reservation that they have talented, committed instructors who expect a lot from students but who give them every resource possible to be successful.

Now that my life is back on an even keel again I'm going back to Full Sail.

Just so no one thinks I'm the sort that is easily fooled, I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, am a high school science teacher and the department head.

I chose Full Sail because they are on the cutting edge of the technology industry so I could not only keep up with my students but be able to design digital, creative learning tools for my profession.


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I am just glad you are back. Funny how things change when you are not able to do something. You suddenly understand its value. Don't know what you have until it is gone kind of thing?

I agree that Full Sail does cutting edge stuff. If they were not so well equipped, I might not like the school too much but I live in the real world and cutting edge tools for use during your class keeps me supporting them.

Full Sail has it but you must also have the get up and go to swipe it out of your teacher's hands and use it.

You won't get an easy grade at Full Sail. Some say that is for Full Sail to make more money. I think it is better just to leave that choice out of The School's hands by working hard and getting Bs and As on your work.


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