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Mar 11, 2012
Concerned Parents and Full Sail University

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Good for you. The only power you have is to choose where you spend your money.

I will let your comments stand on their own merit. I think you might (Or I might be) guilty of a little misinterpretation (along with someone at Full Sail).

Yes, all are admitted to Full Sail but that does not mean everyone will get a seat. The school can no longer actively pursue another paying student once you ask them to hold a seat.

They merely want assurance from you that you will promise to take that seat and in return the school will promise to hold it for you.

The faculty directory (Along with much that they would rather not mention) is sadly a poor source of information. A better source is at Linkedin. It is funny how people like to mention where they work and what they do at their place of work. Search for all employees at Full Sail and you'll get more info than you'll want.

Having said that, they have some pretty talented people on their roster. This is why I have not called them out or do I believe they are running a scam.

The alienation of students is due to the sheer number of students that Full Sail turns out and the low standards for acceptance into the schools. I blame Full Sail for this.

They make the place out to be a dream-making paradise to visiting students. Then Full Sail wonders why so many students are pissed off? Students are promised the world only to be hit upside the head by the reality that making it into the Film Business is a difficult thing to do.

Can you blame the School? Yes. But they also provide very good tools to actually learn and make it into the business. What should a concerned parent do?

Get informed and make the best choice you can. There are some good things at Full Sail University but you cannot avoid the fact that hard work is the only way, regardless of the cost and promises of the for-profit business offering the courses you want.


Feb 01, 2012
Concerned Parents and Full Sail University
by: Anonymous

I became suspicious about Full Sail when they tried to charge my son $600 in October 2011 to "hold" seats for him in three different degree programs at the same time they charged him for his initial application submission. Thank goodness the bank refused the charge.

What reputable college would charge you prior to admission to save you three seats? So I started doing research. I called the admissions department several times but they did not call back. The online "chat" person had less information than the website.

Then they told me they admitted anyone who had a GED or H.S. diploma. Again, why the need to save a seat? All are admitted! Since my son will not graduate until May 2012, they couldn't take him yet anyway, but they didn't even wait to read his application before they tried to charge him for those seats.

Next, I researched their website, trying to look up specific courses, faculty bios, degree progams, accreditation. They have no faculty directory - simply faculty "samples" for each program - They claim to have 14,000 students yet only 2 faculty bios per program? The bios that are shown have several who are recent graduates of Full Sail - very few with teacher qualifications.

The game design program courses include basic math and algebra 1 - and apparently no way to test out of those courses (my son has four years of top-notch mathematics courses and an A in AP Calculus-why should he waste time and pay for basic math?).

But the admissions "chatter" had no information about that. So I widened my search to the internet. Wow! Many, many very angry people who felt decieved and ripped off by Full Sail. A few people who felt it was a good place years ago, but admitted some of the problems. A few people who said all complainers were whiners, lazy, etc. I was so surprised! So I starting researching OTHER colleges, particularly the ones on The Princeton Review's top 10 gaming major school list.

A few unhappy reviewers, a few happy people. No school even came close to alienating the number of students that Full Sail did. What was wrong at Full Sail to cause so much vitriol? At this point it does not matter. Full Sail set off my fraud radar from the very first, and very little I have seen since has redeemed them.

The college funds I have scrimped and saved for my son will not go to Full Sail.

Jan 07, 2012
Successful Graduates Full Sail University
by: Anonymous

On Full Sail's home page, you can see a number of people who have made a difference in the industry who have graduated from Full Sail University.


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Yes, you can.

A total of 99 Full Sail Alumni were credited on 29 Oscar-Nominated Films in 2012.

It is a surprising number but there are so many students that come through the doors at Full Sail University.

There are bound to be both success stories and failures.

I often stick up for the school in the face of its distractors. The only reason I do that is because of the success numbers and the hard facts.

I am not a fan of the Hard Sell approach that Full Sail employs nor am I a fan of their new Online Programs.

This is about their Film Programs and only their Film Programs. For that they deserve a little congratulations.

I wonder if any of those 99 people started a blog entitled "The Full Sail Scam"?

I will guess that none of them did. Thanks for your post.


Oct 18, 2011
Full Sail Accreditation and a Good Job
by: Anonymous

Full Sail Accreditation and a Good Job

I am thinking about Full Sail University. I was wondering about their accreditation. I am concerned that most employers won't recognize it.

Can either of you name some employers who actively seek Full Sail University students?


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I personally don't believe that the National Accreditation status of Full Sail University has any bearing on Job Prospects.

I don't know of any employers who 'actively' seek Full Sail Graduates, nor do I know of any employers that actively 'Exclude' Full Sail Graduates.

I have met some employers that were obviously biased to some schools but that was always based on personal experiences with graduates of those schools.

Your resume, which should include digital samples of your work, has more bearing on future job prospects than the accreditation of the institution you attended.

Many people are frightened off by the National Accreditation status of Full Sail University.

You should only be concerned if you plan on continuing your education at a Regionally Accredited Institution in the future. If you plan to enter the work force right away then you will be judged on your tenacity, the quality of your work and the pride you display in making it.

Once you get some experience, the only thing that matters to future employers is what the production crew had to say about you on your last job. School becomes irrelevant next to your job performance history.

I am sometimes granted interviews with the people directly responsible for hiring Production Crews for entire Film Projects. I always ask them a common question.

'What makes you hire certain people over others?'

Their answer never begins or ends with the name of a school or the accreditation status of that school.

They talk about attitude and results.

Even when I push the topic of education and the influence (or lack of) accreditation status in certain schools, I often get a puzzled look in return.

Each of them responds with a slight variation of the same thing.

"If they impress me with eagerness or a few kind words from a previous employer then they are in. If they don't produce their work on time or if it doesn't meet our standards then we fire them.

Their schooling becomes irrelevant when you have to work with them for 12-16 hours a day. You quickly notice if a person does not execute on time.

The world of Film-making moves at a very fast pace. Few make it and even fewer last long enough to call it their job.

They can sit in school all they want but this is where they have to pass the only real exam they will ever face."

I am not telling you attend Full Sail University. I only mean to say that your concern about accreditation and finding work is not a valid enough reason to back out of a quality Film School.


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