No Scam at Full Sail University

by Greg

If I Just Wait a Little Longer

If I Just Wait a Little Longer

It is just like any other University, there will be angry lazy people who didn't do well and want to bash the school or there are people who sit around thinking jobs will just come to them.

This industry isn't that easy.

You need to get out there and look for a job and apply everywhere you can, just like a usual University.

Honestly, for the price Full Sail is an amazing school. Everything is hands on, you get to work with legit equipment that they use in the industry and it has all the updated software.

People need to mature a little and do research and go to counseling to let their frustration out, not websites to bash the school.

Sorry you're unhappy.



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I was getting lonesome here, Greg. Felt like I had made a mistake putting up this page and this website. It is such a talked about topic (The Supposed Scam) that I wanted to address it.

I spent so much time researching Full Sail that I know the accusations and I followed everything and every claim people made.

If you call Full Sail or their business practises 'a scam' then you had better call nearly 94% of all businesses in the world 'scams'. Your phone provider is worse.

I get new accusations everyday and try to follow them to some conclusion but nothing. The last post I got compared Full Sail to a Gang, saying the gang was better.

That would affect the students (I care only what affects the Students) so I'm trying to follow it.

I have chosen to ignore what has no affect on Students. You'll get a good education at Full Sail University. If anyone can support an accusation that hurts potential students to Full Sail I will post it and promote it.

So far I have not heard from anyone with the right to call Full Sail University a Scam.

Thanks for the post. It convinced me to keep the page up.


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