No Scam at Full Sail but Few Job Opportunities

I went to fullsail, they withdrew me because they said I took to long for the course. that is after I told them not to good things about their school at that time.

I was looking for another school to find out that they're not accredited regional to transfer my credits to another school that is regionally accredited. At the point if withdrawal I had 8 mos to go, and since I went so far to stop now and finish which didnt happen.

About the advisors the teachers and staff. I would probably grade them a C at best. probably one out of five teachers really help you and communicate with you, and also that one out of 5 really understand the music business.

there were more than a few times when I did connect with teachers it seem like they weren't even after school there at home or one teacher told me he was at the airport. They talk to you through iChat more than anything which we all know it's hard to get the point across when you're trying to learn something and really think are students, because they are.

other then the state of art studio, it's like a telemarketing floor on the rest of the building, with overworked under paid teachers.

Now the 'put what you put into it' factor, most of the coarses are introductory coarses, the part of the educaton that gets chopped off is the in-depth view of learning the coarses.

If you have experience in the industry, probably would be a waste of money because you would already know most of it

I would recommend it to somebody has not been in the record industry or has no experience in it. Sets the stage to pursue more in depth school into the music business, but you have to figure the credit Factor, the positive is fullsail has made a positive name for themselves to get a job in the industry.

the fee factor, that's a point of view, but if you have a business you can charge as much as you want if the person purchase the product thats on them, they didnt get ripped or a scammed, pages: they just bought an expensive product, which is thier choice.

keep in mind nothing is guaranteed, most people that graduated from college is not doing what they went to college for. you can't get a job after you leave fullsail it's off to the individual to pursue a job I don't care what school you go to.

Here is a test statistic for you, 85 percent businesses fail Full Sail has not, so they must be doing something right.

so I'm at the look don't make any decisions on just on people's opinions, because it is there point of view not everybodies.

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