No Scam at Eastern New Mexico University

by Eric

I cannot say whether or not there is a scam here. Maybe this will be deleted.

What I can tell you is that the school I went to is often overlooked because it is small, and in a small town in New Mexico. However, it is one of the best broadcast production schools in the country.

They do a live newscast Mon Thru Fri, done entirely by students, behind the camera, and in the control room. They recently had a complete overhaul of the studio, making it totally state-of-the-art. They also make a couple other shows there, but those shows are not completely made by students.

There is a student-run radio station, of course, and a documentary film-making class. The documentary I helped make was submitted for a Student Emmy and was shown locally on PBS. The school costs a mere fraction of $70,000 and is awesome.

Keep the name Eastern New Mexico University in mind. I don't know about a scam with Full Sail University. However, my current situation makes it so that attending ENMU is not a feasible option for me.

Full Sail probably isn't feasible either, but I thought I would look at its site and look into the possibility of a scam. I found this site, but you just can't be too careful these days.



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What an awesome and helpful post, Eric.

I just wanted to know why you thought your Post might get deleted? It is a valuable post, especially for anyone interested in Eastern New Mexico University.

I only delete posts from people who promote fear and spread hatred. That doesn't help any student because every school has its list of people who blame the school for not doing enough to help them find work or feel hurt or taken advantage of in some way.

I got angry when my Internet Provider tried charging me for rental on a modem when I swear they said that it was free. Now put $50,000USD into that same equation. That makes for a lot of anger and blame.

I say that people have to blame themselves. It is almost heartless, but I do feel badly. That's why I offer to help anyone get out from under a student loan as long as they are making below a certain wage.

Your post is both informative and helpful to other people coming to this site because we like the prices at Eastern New Mexico University but there are other things we don't like (More later).

I feel you can purchase a pretty good education at Eastern New Mexico University and with the right grants, you could bring the price down significantly.

But ... It is also a Federally designated Hispanic-Serving Institution. The school sits as a member on the Board of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities.

It is true that most students are not Hispanic. The point is that it will influence people immediately. If I remain honest, there is prejudice in the world of film. Don't be too shocked.

Then you have the 2 tier price structure. It is very cheap for residents of New Mexico to attend ENMU, but for anyone else, prices nearly quadruple (Full-time tuition (12-18 hours) $ 1,419.48, out of state residents $ 4,175.04).

This is waived for Colorado residents and for military personnel. (You get the cheap prices).

Eastern New Mexico University is recognized by the Higher Learning Commission and are members of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. They are thus a Nationally Accredited Institution.

ENMU puts on a traditional higher learning institute program that leads to a Bachelor's Degree in Digital Cinema Arts.

The problem is, before you can even begin The Digital Cinema Arts (DCA) degree, you must complete the 'Core Requirements'

They are:

Digital Cinema Arts Core Requirements (26 hours)

ART 145 Materials I, ART 145, COMM 110 Beginning Television Production, COMM 110, ENG 275 The Motion Picture (3) (Can be counted toward General Education), ENG 275, MUS 284 Music Recording Techniques I, MUS 284, MUS 310 Sound Acquisition for Video, MUS 310, THTR 121 Beginning Acting, THTR 121, THTR 310 Basic Video Camera/Lighting, THTR 310, THTR 324, Workshop in Playwriting, THTR 324, THTR 409 Film History.

There is simply too wide a focus there. People who want to study film are not always keen to spend their time in acting classes or English classes.

It is much like the format of the University of Southern California. Study 2 years of film history and the academic side of filmmaking before the 3rd year when you get to decide your majors and actually get a camera.

The problem is, why would I go through all that just to get a Nationally Accredited Degree? If you want to have the theory, science and complete knowledge of the academics of film then you might as well take it at a Regionally Accredited Institute like the University of Southern California.

At about 100 times the price! So, it is an excellent alterative to USC for a fraction of the cost but with a fraction of the clout as well.

I guess you only get what you pay for. So maybe East New Mexico University is a poor man's USC in the broadcasting and communications department?

Keep in mind that the people you meet while attending Film School will have more impact on your success than you think.

Maybe you could write back and tell me what advantages the school offers over other schools.

How is the industry in New Mexico for jobs? Just how many kilometers is the school away from a decent size city?

Distance to metropolitan areas:
o Lubbock, TX: 105 miles
o Amarillo, TX: 120 miles
o Albuquerque, NM: 225 miles

We will get deeper into the East New Mexico University later. It is great that they have their own radio station ... but why would a film making student even care?


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