No College Will Accept Full Sail Credits

The statement below, taken from this site, is wrong and misleading.

"... the credits you'll earn there are not widely transferable to traditional four-year colleges throughout the United States."

Our son enrolled in Full Sail in Jan of 2010, after we did much research and asked many questions. When we asked the questions about recognition of credits/degrees by other schools, they always said that we would just have to ask those schools. They knew my son's intention was to pursue an advanced degree after Full Sail.

After he started the program, we happen to be in contact with Berklee School of Music in Boston, about him eventually pursuing a Masters degree there. They made it clear that they do not recognize any credits or degrees from Full Sail. We contacted other schools and got the same answer.

We then specifically asked Full Sail admissions people by phone and by email to 'give us a list' or even the name of one College or University that would accept their credits or recognize an undergraduate degree from there. They said they did not have the names of any schools ... that it was up to the students to check that out on their own.

There are no schools that recognize their degrees if you plan to continue your education.

My son dropped out of the program and we are pursuing legal action against FS for misleading/withholding information.


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I apologize if you think I'm being hard on you but this is your son's future at stake. I can relate to that better than you think.

You have just taught your son an important lesson in life. 'Blame your mistakes on everyone except yourself'. I do hope that you can find hope in what seems a bleak situation but teaching your son to blame others for your mistakes will cripple his future.

I don't see how you inferred from our statement; "... the credits you'll earn there (Full Sail) are not widely transferable to traditional four-year colleges throughout the United States" as 'misleading'. It does not claim that the transfer of Full Sail credits to the Berklee School of Music in Boston is possible.

The situation you're in is not the fault of this website or Full Sail University. It is your fault and yours alone. The Berklee School of Music in Boston has one of the most stringent acceptance guidelines of any school in the country. They even demand an interview and audition before accepting new applicants into their program.

All you had to do was read the Berklee Tranfer Credit Guide to learn that they do not accept credits from Nationally Accredited Educational Institutes. I have made it abundantly clear throughout this website that Full Sail University is a Nationally Accredited institution.

I understand your anger and disappointment. I don't understand why you would take a single sentence out of context from this website just so you can attack and blame anyone but youself. It sets a bad example for your son. I just hope he learns from this and does not become a 'Blame-Caster' as you have clearly demonstarated.

You said "There are no schools that recognize their (Full Sail's) degrees if you plan to continue your education". That is a very negative outlook that will not help you. I personally know and have interviewed many students that have been able to transfer their credits to both Regionally Accredited and Nationally Accredited schools.

The truth is that it is up to the discretion of the school you are applying to as to what credits they will accept as transfer. They can accept any credits they choose but no school advertises that fact.

I don't recommend Full Sail University to anyone looking to continue their studies at a Regionally Accredited Institution. You have obviously scanned this website for something to support your position without actually reading anything.

I hope your son reads this. 'Blame-Casters' do not succeed at anything. They are too busy looking for someone to blame just in case something goes wrong. Something always goes wrong. It is how you respond to it that defines you.

I hope you can see the error of your ways and support your son instead of setting him up to fail.

Please accept responsibility and then relentlessly look for a way to find a positive outcome. That may be the most important education that your son will ever get.

He is watching your every move.


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