My Scam Story at Full Sail

A scammer is someone that takes advantage of ignorance, which is what Full Sail does by offering Bachelors and Masters degrees through a private accreditation company.

I was sold on the fact that Full Sail offered a Bachelor's Degree and didn't have any idea that it didn't hold any weight in the eyes of The Board of Education.

When you are in high school, you are counseled about college. The progression is simply Associates, then Bachelor's and finally Masters. The alternative is you can go to a trade school and receive certifications for welding or taxidermy or what have you.

Full Sail plays on ignorance. Their bachelor's is not the same as a traditional school but plays on the fact that it meets the same requirements as a Bachelors or Masters in terms of credit hours.

So in their eyes their accreditation it is an equivalent. But it's not an equivalent, or it would be accepted by The Board of Education. I cannot teach film at a traditional college with my Full Sail Degree.

The scam is the accreditation and them leading you to believe you are getting an actual degree. Simply put, they should not call their degree a Bachelor's or Masters.

You say you should look into it? There's no reason to research because they use the words you want to hear. Playing on the ignorance of students who don't know there's a difference.

Why question it? You hear Bachelor's and you hear accredited and you just assume it's legit and accepted. I didn't research it because I didn't know there was such a thing as private accreditation that the degree would be ignored by the Board of Education.

Full Sail took advantage of my ignorance and prospective students should be educated on what that accreditation really means.

Now I'm so screwed I get to pay $900 a month for 10 years and $500 a month for 10 more after that.


Reply from The

I feel there isn't much I can say that you will listen to. You are quite intelligent and probably won't allow anyone to change the conclusions you've come to.

Did you really learn absolutely nothing at Full Sail University? Is it so important that some governing body recognize your degree?

I first want you to know that ACCSC is a legitimate Trade Accreditation body.

It accepts no money in the same way the Regional Accreditation body does not.

Because you are intelligent, I'm hoping you are reasonable also. This is the official line on Full Sail's Accreditation and the body that recognizes them.

Full Sail University is accredited by the ACCSC which awards National Accreditation to primarily vocational schools and career schools in the United States. The Commission's accreditation standards require that an institute applying for accreditation from ACCSC must meet a few requirements.

They are:

  • A Measurement of Past Student Outcomes at The School

  • The School Must Have a Graduate Employment Assistance Program

  • The School Must Have A Baseline Rate Of Job Placement

  • Instructors Must Have Experience in Their Respective Industries as Well as Necessary Academic Credentials

  • Schools Must Maintain an Advisory Committee Composed of Industry Professionals Who Help Determine Curriculum Goals and Content

Full Sail University surpassed the baseline requirements for inclusion in ACCSS because it met the requirements and for no other reason.

Unfortunately, National Accreditation has no clout when compared with Regional Accreditation (Read What is Accreditation for info on Regional and National Accreditation).

You must reason from this that Full Sail University is not accredited by a private accreditation Institution. Whenever the word 'Private' is used, money is involved. Full Sail did not buy their accreditation.

It may be a trade school accreditation but it has some tough requirements for inclusion, just as with Regional Accreditation. From that you must accept that the only handicap is that you can't transfer your credits if you suddenly want to study at USC.

Next you said, "I was sold on the fact that Full Sail offered a Bachelor's Degree and didn't have any idea that it didn't hold any weight in the eyes of The Board of Education".

So is your entire disappointment based on the school's Accreditation as a trade School? Why is that so important to you? The information you got and the experience you earned are what is important. Did you learn what you wanted and needed?

Then you said, "The scam is the accreditation and them leading you to believe you are getting an actual degree. Simply put, they should not call their degree a Bachelor's or Masters".

You come on a website and write a page that will eventually be read by thousands and call Full Sail University a Scam? Just because you didn't bother to read what accreditation meant?

Sorry again. I just want to see a degree of fairness on the posts. Your entire argument is that Full Sail's product is worthless because of its Accreditation status.

I don't see the connection. I have already proven to you that Full Sail awards 'Real' Degrees, albeit trade school degrees that can't be transferred too easily.

I do agree with you that National Accreditation Can be a problem but you are using ignorance as an excuse to attack the school. Ignorance is not a defense or a good reason for choosing the wrong school for your specific needs.

I don't want to be some lecturing judgmental jerk here. I started this website to help people. It is a lot of money you now owe and feel hanging over your head. You expected more for all the money you spent. I understand it and want to help.

People always forget the emotional side of debt. It can cause stress, odd medical conditions, depression and nothing good. Our first instinct is to destroy the thing we think is causing us the stress.

I think it's that huge loan for you right now.

So, let me show you how you can get that loan differed until you are an old man. I have to assume you are with Sally Mae but all other of the loan companies have, by law, a section on how to defer your student loan on their websites.

Get it off your back. See if you qualify to defer your loan with Sally Mae. You'll be shocked at how easy it is to get out of a student loan.

It is not the same as a regular loan. The government gives no rights to collection agencies when it comes to the retrieval of a student loan.

In other words they can't even phone you if you have a deferment and your claim is "I don't have enough money right now".

Next, don't believe that you can't transfer your credits to a Regionally Accredited school. Here is what I got:

"Most four-year colleges and universities in the U.S. are regionally accredited and do not recognize national accreditation such as ACCSC, though it is at their discretion to accept credits on a case-by-case basis."

So, it is up to the school if they want to accept your credits from ACCSC and apparently many do. I got the above from Wikipedia.

Next you want to find the school that will turn your ACCSC credits into Regional Credits.

I looked into it. There are places that help you transfer National Accreditation credits to many other Regionally Accredited schools.

Then start taking the hard steps forward until you can buy a good camera and start making films. I wish you could spend some time helping me out with the short film I'm trying to flesh out.

You'll do ok in life, my friend. I can see it in the way you write. You have passion and fight.

Stop pointing the finger because it is a waste of time. Use what you have learned, get that student loan deferred until 2095 and go make a film.

I really like Full Sail. It's a boatload of money but to use the equipment they have and to be around people that think the same way...creatively. That would be my heaven.

Take care, My Friend. Don't hesitate to ask something here or teach us something. I would love to tell a story and have someone who knows as much as you close by for advice and help.


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