My Appeal Letter to the School

by jon
(orange county ny)

I just graduated from Full Sail.

Here is my appeal letter to the school after finding out what I owed for this so called education!! WHAT A JOKE

I am contacting you because I'm highly irritated with the so called education I received from you University actually what I should say is the extremely watered down lackluster education I received which by the way still haven’t revised my degree it was only supposed to take 4-6 weeks which then we were told 6-8 after calling now again we were told 8-10 weeks after calling the other day, so something as simple has mailing a sheet of paper can't get handled correctly.

However, that isn't the big issue at hand here it’s the fact that you want to charge me $58,000 for what? It certainly can't be for learning anything because your instructors for these laughable classes didn't really care to show or teach me anything other than the fact I'm a second class student they can just push off because I wasn't in front of them half of them couldn't be bothered to email back or take the time to explain things instead our classes consisted of click this link and watch an out dated video on YouTube or Vimeo, you would at least think for the money you expect me to pay they would make videos for current versions of software we are expected to use.

If i was told this was how it was going to be in the beginning I would have never enrolled in your university but instead I was fed visions of Grandeur when it came time to sign on the dotted line that I would have classroom type settings where I would work with other students on projects, that teachers would be teaching us anything I need to know and I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between online and in the class room.

So, first there is no class room settings at all online because it’s not even a class it’s here is your instructions figure it out on your own even if you could get a teach to reply they would talk to you like you're already supposed to know everything and not to mention I had one class that worked with others and it was for a class that was completely unnecessary and it was me along with four other students and we had to tell tongue twisters to each other in a google hangout why is that even something required ?

Next, it comes down to the instructors for these classes somewhere really nice and when i say some I mean very very few, most of the time I would get teachers who just didn't want to be bothered and treated me along with others like a second rate student.

If you archive the class you would see what most students wrote our last class we had and most people weren't happy and stated the same thing some I’m not alone in that one.

But moving on I had an issue with my computer during a class with a teacher where my home computer hard drive crashed I mean the unrepairable kind and I contacted him that i lost all my work (using my home computer because laptop provided has major issues) he contacted me back saying that i could restore it or that my work would be in drop box. When I told him I couldn't restore my work and that I didn't have my work in drop box i couldn’t complete my work so i dropped the class and had to take it the following month he went as far as leaving a sarcastic message on the FSO board for the class about my incident which if you ask me is totally unprofessional and targeted me directly.

The worst part about all this is your school single handedly crushed my dreams and expectations I had going into this because this is exactly what I feared about continuing my education.

I have a friend who graduated from your school on campus and he warned me I was going to waste my time and money and I didn't want to believe him sad thing is I wasted threes of my life devoted to something with no return, a crushed spirit and lots of unjustified debt.

Seriously I don't know how people at your university can sleep at night robbing people the way you do I could have spent $8,000 and watched videos and used google I would have learned more

sad truth is I actually am learning more I spend three days a week working with real tutorials on how to do things starting from the basics which would have been nice to learn from attending your school.

Here is a great idea from your online course hire people for just online teaching and host actually class on google hangouts instead of having other websites and out dated videos do their work and charge an arm and a leg to pay teachers for doing nothing because it isn't right for people like me to carry the debt for years to come and have nothing to show for it because even if i could find a job I couldn't do what’s asked of me after 3 years of supposed learning.

As far as what I would like to see happen with this appeal is to pay nothing because that is exactly what I got from you, but I know I live in the real world everybody wants something for nothing.

your University is clear example of that but I would be happy paying for the MacBook and the programs I received that would be far since that’s the only real thing I got from you.

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