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Since I am already fully employed and have been for the last 28 years where my employer reimburses 75% of the tuition fees a course or semester at a time, I will not be seeking any kind of student loan.

Since I already work in a technical field at a senior position in the company, what I am seeking is extensive visualization and media communication skills that I can actually use.

Full Sail appears to offer courses that provide exposure, practice and discipline in these areas so the actual credential is secondary to the experience I am seeking.

On this basis, is it worth pursuing?

My one concern is that the reimbursement from my company may be under the same restrictive stigma as the accreditation issues raised by some of the other respondents.


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It sounds to me that you are not absolutely sure that you will get reimbursed or Not. Full Sail tuition is not cheap. I say you secure In Writing a promise to reimburse you for your expenditures in attending Full Sail University.

Maybe you don't need it in writing. If you trust the people you work for then at least try and secure some kind of promise from someone you trust and count on.

If they waver, forget it.

You also have 28 years of experience in the Communications field and I don't know that you're going to learn enough to make the expenditure worthwhile.

If you are reimbursed 75% of your costs then I would be inclined to take the risk and go for it. You can always quit if you feel it is a waste of your time and walk out.

25% is still money though and to be honest, what do you think you can really learn with 28 years experience already under your belt?

A positive outlook says that you could learn a great deal if you made the effort to practice and study while at school. Delete what you know and it could very well give you a new, refreshed look on things and get you thinking younger and hungrier.

It also never hurts to be around people with the same goals. They can act as sounding boards or even bring a new approach you've yet to hear of.

First, get a guarantee that you'll be reimbursed. The accreditation thing will go away in a few years. Very soon National Accreditation will be accepted by Regionally Accredited schools.

In October 2005 the GOA (United States Government Accountability Office) issued a report entitled "Post Secondary Institutions Could Promote More Consistent Consideration of Coursework by Not Basing Determinations on Accreditation".

It was issued in reaction to complaints from Republicans that schools were unfairly weighing certain accreditation over other types of accreditation.

It has opened a door for a bill before the Senate that could make National Accreditation an equal to any Regional Accreditation.

I know the report was issued in 2005 but how long do you really think it will be before for-profit schools push through a Bill that would allow their credits to be accepted at USC?

Money always wins. Even in the world of Education.

Best of luck to you,


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