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Feb 23, 2012
Full Sail University and a Full Time Job
by: Madeline

I am interested in film and writing. I am not worried about the LOAD at Full Sail. I have taken Accelerated Classes before. I got a 4.0 while caring for children and working full time.

What should I do before I sign? I am confused. Is there a Better pick for me? Do you have advice on another program?

I am located in Northern Michigan and have checked for programs closer, but found none.

As you said "This is NOT cheap" Before I sign, I wanted some online Advice.

I know that going to school don't always make you "talented, likable, a good fit" when it comes to WORKING.

I recall a girl in a couple of college classes with me. She was the kind of person that you didn’t want to TAKE a break "WITH" more than take a BREAK "FROM".

She stood up in all her classes and complained that she couldn't get a job. She was sure that the College was the issue. The Professor acted like he didn't know why she hadn't been hired.

Had she applied to work for me, I would have turned her away too. Education can only take a person so far. Maybe some of these people needed less Film School and a little more Charm School.


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I love your example of the girl you need to "Take a break FROM". Some sage advice in there.

Is Full Sail University for You?

You said,

" I am not worried about the Load." (Workload).

I am worried about the load. I have seen it absolutely knock students out of their normal life, altering even their sleeping and eating patterns.

I have interviewed more than 20 Full Sail Graduates over the years. They unanimously underestimated the impact that the workload would have on them.

Nearly 80% of dropouts and failures were trying to hold down a job while attending Full Sail in 2011.

It is a lot of money to risk on an assumption. You won't know the truth until you've completed your first semester.

If you are asking me then the answer is 'no'. You may know yourself better than anyone else does but you need a more flexible schedule and a school that is closer to you.

Film Schools in Michigan?

I am not sure just how North you are in Michigan but here are a few Schools in Michigan for film, television, and digital media related programs,

Northern Michigan University
Offers BFA degrees in Digital Cinema and Electronic Imaging.

Contact: Michael Cinelli, Director of the School of Art and Design at (906-227-2194) or

The Michigan Film Institute
Troy, MI. Ph. 248-528-1760

University of Michigan Program in Film and Video Studies
2512 Frieze Building, Ann Arbor, MI 48109.
Ph. 734-764-3825

Central Michigan University
Department of Broadcast & Cinematic Arts, Mount Pleasant, MI
Ph. 989-774-3851

I love Michigan.


Mar 12, 2011
Full Sail and High Placement Numbers.
by: Nancy Ford

Did I sign a contract with Full Sail University? Yes.

Was it easy to get out of the contract? No.

Nobody gets out of a contract with Full Sail.


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Thanks for the replies, Nancy. You sure don't say much.

Is 7 months long enough to make an accurate assessment of the school? Or was the schedule so demanding that it was easier to quit and spend your days writing a blog about how terrible the school is.

You are the story here, Nancy. Not the School.

Full Sail has National Accreditation and National Accreditation will soon be on par with Regional Accreditation. Have a look at this Report from the United States Government Accountability Office.

The LA Film School is also accredited by ACCSC. You stated that the LA Film School was also owned by Full Sail University. That might be true but did you mention on your blog that 'The Hollywood Reporter' called it "One of the best-equipped private learning centers in the country?"

You called them a Diploma Mill. You are misleading your readers by saying that and in my opinion you're being plain irresponsible. It hurts your credibility to write in an unbalanced manner.

You've put a lot of work into your blog. You write well and are quite intelligent but I can see anger in your writing. That does not help your readers but just involves them in your personal Vendetta.

I'm more interested in what angered you so much that you would quit school after 7 months then spend the next year writing a blog about every piece of negative dirt, innuendo and here-say about the school.

I just find it odd that you would expect a school that is a for-profit business to go out and count every student to see if the poor babies got a job in the field they studied.

You see, I don't have a bleeding heart for the people who ended up at Starbucks. That is not to be blamed on the school if a year after they graduate they get fired and end up working at McDonald?s.

40% is actually a pretty impressive number. Many people find a way not to succeed.

Read this book called Why People Fail and try to Identify who you are. We are all in this book (It's Free) and I swallowed hard when they described me to a tee.

LA film school was also on the receiving end of a class action lawsuit. It claimed the school exaggerated their alumni employment numbers.

What kind of person expects a school to provide them with guaranteed work for the rest of their lives?

Full Sail is just meant to give you knowledge. You have to fuel your own future and hope the knowledge you got will help you.

I hope you can let it go, Nancy. You're wasting your life and a bright mind.
Good Luck to you,


Mar 12, 2011
Statistics on Full Sail
by: Nancy Ford

I've got links to the statistics from the Florida Department of Education showing placement rates of less than 40% for most of Full Sail's degree program.


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Why did you answer none of my questions?

Links from the Florida dept of education are OK if they back your story.

ACCSC demands a 71% placement to remain accredited by them. If there is reliable proof that this is not true, Full Sail would be in big trouble.

Mar 11, 2011
Full Sail Reviews
by: Nancy Ford

Full Sail inflates their placement numbers. They are less than honest in their advertising.

I went there for seven months and got out as soon as I could.

Make an educated decision before you sign a contract with Full Sail University.


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Sorry, but no links allowed.

Did you sign a contract with Full Sail University? If you studied there for 7 months you must have.

Was it easy to get out of the contract?

Thanks for the post and feel free to pass on your opinion anytime you'd like. I think it is great advice to make an educated decision before signing anything, with anyone.



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