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I am in the Full Sail enrollment process right now. I have read the reviews, good and bad. I'm glad I did, because I had always asked myself, that if Full Sail is such a bad school, then why is it such a famous school?

From what I've understood, is that those that get mad at the school and say it's a scam are students that treated Full Sail as a traditional University, for instance, down the road from Full Sail is UCF (University of Central Florida) a traditional university.

I think Full Sail made a mistake when they added University to their name, as I think it confuses students.

When you go to their 'behind the scenes tour', know that it's a sales pitch, and that's all it is. I see right through it, because I went to a lot smaller for profit school, that was more for adults going back to school (such as single moms, etc.) I bought into their schools pitch, and they were much cheaper than Full Sail. Turns out, all I learned was how to use the software for the industry (and not even all of it), and that's it. Then while I was attending the school, they started having accreditation issues and had the accreditation pulled, only students enrolled in a degree program, got their accredited degree.

**Side Note: Even though I got a not so great education from there, I actually got a job in my industry (not a great paying one though) a month out of school. The job placement department was actually shocked, (because they had a hard time placing other students) Why did I get a job? Because I love what I do, and my passion shows in my work. If you love what you do, and have a passion in it, you will succeed at Full Sail, and get the dream job you want.

I know all about Full Sail, and I refused to let the admissions rep go through his sales pitch, because I already knew it, and I wasn't going to be impressed with fancy numbers.

With any school, even a school like NYU or UCLA, do your research.

I am looking forward to starting (I start in a month), I'll be sure to come back to this website and give a inside opinion of what I think so far.


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"Why did I get a job? Because I love what I do, and my passion shows in my work. If you love what you do, and have a passion in it, you will succeed at Full Sail, and get the dream job you want."

That is the best advice I know. I hear of all the problems and all the frustrating experiences that people go through with numerous Film Schools.

You really need to ask yourself if you love this industry enough to put up with the setbacks and persevere or not. If you are easily dissuaded then I would advise people not to bother.

A job in the film industry is a coveted position. Competition is fierce and no one cares what you think you know. Perseverance will get you there and passion will eventually win out over all those people that would love to see you fail.

Most people would have packed it in after going though what you went through. You attitude is exactly what is needed. Having your school lose its accreditation is usually a fatal setback for most.

I'm glad to see that you got through it and never let it stop you. It is pretty easy to make a prediction about you. Full Sail will work for you because you are working for yourself. I hope anyone dissuaded will read your post and fight to get the passion back that brought them to the industry in the first place.

Good Future to you,


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