The LA Film School Tuition Costs / Fees

The La Film School tuition fees are not the highest in the world compared with other film Programs but they are high enough to make anyone want to know what they get in return.

Money and Tuition
Got Cash?

The tuition cost averages between $38,500USD and $44,770USD for the entire Degree Program at the Los Angeles Film School.

People on average borrow up to $50,000USD of that tuition fee from loans officers that seem to be everywhere, especially if you take the Campus Tour or show any interest in attending the school.

They'll be there to convince you that even an unmanageable amount of debt is in your best interest. All for a program that runs 18 months.

It takes a long time to pay back a $50,000USD student loan while working at Starbucks, which is more common a reality with film schools graduates than you might think.

The Department of Education is thinking about putting in new regulations that would stop people from taking on unreasonable amounts of debt, especially if the student isn't expected to make much money after graduation.

No word on when and this is 2013 now.

I suppose this regulation might save a few people from themselves but at the same time it just tells me I would be better supported if I went to Dentistry school instead of learning something creative.

Money. Damn. And in a place where people are learning to use that one mysterious part of our being that can only be expressed through the arts.

It was my dad's idea for me to go through school anyway. I just wanted to make a film but school didn't make me sweat so I agreed to it. It was only 18 months, anyways.

Also, I wanted to get my hands on the top equipment in the industry. That's one thing you can't fight about. The LA film school will place some of the nicest video and sound equipment in your hands and say, go make a film.

Even if they keep the cameras under lock and key.

The only other thing about tuitions is talking to the loans officers. If you take a campus tour the loans officers just stick to your back like the sweat in a hot sunny day.

They are just doing their jobs.

He's not on your side. He is not your friend and not there to help you. He is there to get you to say 'yes' to spending a whole lot of money on the LA Film School tuition and that's it.

Here's your LA Film School Tuition list, fees and course information.

  Domestic Tuition International Tuition

Key/Equipment Deposit

Application Fee
Associate of Science
in Film Degree Program
$41,720 $42,720 $400 (Refundable) $75 (Non-Refundable)
Associate Of Science In Game
Production Degree Program
$37,900 $38,900 $40 (Refundable) $75 (Non-Refundable)
Associate Of Science In Computer Animation Degree Program $37,900 $38,900 $40 (Refundable) $75 (Non-Refundable)
Associate Of Science In Recording Arts
Degree Program
$27,350 $28,350 $40 (Refundable) $75 (Non-Refundable)

It's hard not to remind you that these are just the costs of attending the school. They don't include anything that would be considered obligatory to your survival as a human being.

This just allows you into the classrooms and labs, where you'll be asked to pick up as much information as you can, retain it and then spit it back out come exam time.

All schools have that aspect to them despite calling themselves a "hands on" facility. You will certainly learn by doing but the only way to test you is by written exam and, as in every school, you will also be judged on the quality and creativity of your final reel or project.

Your final reel leads you into your first job so make sure it counts. It's darn expensive to pay the LA film school tuition and your final reel will represent all that you have learned.

It's a Filmmaker's headshot.

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