LA Film School Teachers

The audio teachers, well none of them are much good except Frank Serafine (who won an Academy award).

The directing teacher gets you all excited about the class and you have a lot of fun but when you think back about it a few months later you ask yourself 'what did I really learn about directing'. and the answer is not much.

In mid-terms where you make a short film, ------ can be really mean but Lloyd is a great teacher and you learn a lot about cinematography from him.

In the cinematography class itself --------- is mean and a bad teacher and she doesn't really have much professional experience in the movie industry.

The producing teachers are average except Gabriel Kelly who is great, she is the real thing.

In art directing, Barbara Dunphy is a very good teacher and she has worked on a lot of real movies. Bobby is great at teaching Sketchup.

The best teacher at the school is Morgan Sandler who teaches you a little bit about cinematography in the first month.

Too bad you don't get to learn more from him. After the first month you never see him again.


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Sorry. I had to take out some names you were negative about. I only did that because I could not find you any backup. Also, people remember a bad remark for a long time but a compliment is forgotten on the morrow.

If more comes my way like what you have suggested then we'll be truthful. But really, how often do we go to school and have our favorites and teachers we don't get on with?

The problem is that students compare the best teacher in the house to every other teacher. Some can't live up to the top tier and you should complain to your school's Director instead of just naming them on the web like this.

After, all. You may be wrong.

I was on the bus a few days ago. A man's kids were screaming and running around the bus like idiots. I turned to the father and asked him to shut his kids up, angry as heck. He said.

"I am sorry. They just lost their mother and we're all a bit confused."

I just try to remember that story. But I got 3 names down now and if I get more of the same on those names. We will post them.

I know that you are someone whose opinion I should listen to and take note of. It is the way you gave a balanced appraisal of the teachers at the LA film school that makes me feel inclined to believe you.

I like your post very much and would love to read more about you and the school you're at. Maybe I could post a Short Clip of your work here on the Website?

All you would have to do is upload it to Vimeo or YouTube and send me the embed code with your next post.

Thanks for posting.


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